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0:00:00.2 Xio: Relationship on the rocks?


0:00:02.5 Avery: Crushing on your best friend?


0:00:04.8 Roan: Not sure how to tell your partner a secret? Luckily, you found Dear Romance Writer, an advice podcast from people who write happily ever after for a living. We are Xio Axelrod, Avery Flynn, and Roan Parrish. You have questions and we have questionable answers. Let's get to it. So, our first letter of this episode is from Lost and Confused, but hoping to find her own cinnamon roll soon. Avery: Are you gonna read it to us? Xio: Give it to us. Roan: Alright. Avery: Yes, give us the letter...


0:00:57.1 S2: That was more


0:00:58.3 S1: Your romance writer, if I were the main character and my favorite regency romances, I'd be the upper 20 spinster who sweeps to be reformed, rake off his feet with her intelligence, kindness and take no shit attitude the last... My life is not a Regency romance yet. I've spent my 20s kicking ass and taking names, and lately I've been thinking it would be fun to find someone to be awesome with, so naturally, I'm lost and terrified. How does he wanna go about finding someone and making a move if they don't make a move, should I sign up for an online dating profile, even though it sounds exhausting. E, can you help? Yeah, and to have to do that during a pandemic when we're all in, I was just sticking to a... Were easy to meet people nowadays or thing. Wow, okay. Being somebody who has not dated in a million in years, in two decades. Here's what I would say from my old lady post, and that would be number one, it's really hard right now 'cause you're in a pandemic, so don't feel this incredible... Don't add the amount of pressure to yourself that you probably already feel, so Ron, give yourself a break, give yourself a break.


0:02:20.4 S1: You do not need to stress out about one more thing, so that would be number one now, and it's really fun that you've got to a point in your life when you can... You know when you... Not just that you can, but that you want to involve somebody else... That's awesome. That's fine, you know? And I would say, You know, try volunteering, they're still volunteering going on, so anything you can do to kind of expand your circle a little bit from you and your five dogs and your cat, that would be good. And it's me with the five dogs, I hope you don't have five dogs, it's in camp, but any kind of volunteering, you can do online book clubs, Regency reader, you might reach out just a little bit beyond romance, or you might stay with romance, but find something like that again, it's about expanding your circle that you see every day, and the online dating stuff, oh my God, the soul stories I hear from that are insane, but I think if you go in without super expectations it, that your online dating experience has to be this way or that way, but give yourself some flexibility with that, it may be worth a try, so that's the old lady, it's fine


0:03:46.2 S2: When I... The young whipper snappers. Have a data in a minute either, but I think especially right now, there are so many things happening online virtually, there's... Like you said, book clubs, there's also cooking classes, there's all kinds of stuff happening, they're just meeting meet-ups of every genre and interest and everything, there's ways to meet people. I mean, people used to go to the library or the supermarket, or the gym or whatever, really, you can feel Cotonou still kinda do that now, and it's even better because you get a more one-on-one access to someone rather than trying to... Anyway, but do you know what I mean? But yeah, it's tough right now, I can't even imagine trying to find someone doing it, the anemic, but my goodness. And yeah, I think the online dating, I met Mr. X online, but not through a dating thing, it was actually through a class, so there you go. It works, it works, but I think a earner.


0:04:48.0 S1: Those of you who are listening only, Roca has made an appearance and she's super pretty and fluffy and white, and we insist that she stay... So sorry to interrupt. So keep going.


0:04:58.0 S2: That's like, I was just gonna say, if you go into the online dating thing, just know what your goal is, and like are said, don't be too hard on yourself. Yes, you wanna find someone for the long term, but also don't be afraid to have fun in the short term, just meet someone just... You might just end up being friends. Don't put so much pressure on yourself that if the person you meet isn't the one you're freaking out... Do you know what I mean? Give yourself some way. What do


0:05:23.7 S1: You think in... Yeah, I agree with both of you. I feel like the most important part of the letter is actually the part that has nothing to do with dating, it's the part where this letter later says, I've spent my 20s kicking ass and taking names and leave, I've been thinking it would be fun to find someone to be awesome with... Yes, a TOD is priceless because of what you're looking for is someone to be awesome with, that could be a lover, but it could also be like... Yeah, partner in crime of the... And someone in between or an all of the above. And so if that's where you're starting from, then do things that you think are awesome, because then you'll find someone who is gonna be awesome with you, so I love the idea of taking a class... Doing something that's activity-based. I feel like unlike the two of you, commitment folks, it literally, the summer was single for 7980, I didn't want someone to be awesome with... I wanted to be literally left alone by everyone, except for sometimes when I was like, Wow, life is so lonely and horrible and I will be long forever, and that's fine.


0:06:37.4 S1: And I feel like sometimes the shit happens when you least expect it in the way you least expect to... That you think is awesome. Anyway, then even if love doesn't come, your continuing kicking ass and taking names, and it's like you say, how do you go about finding someone? And I feel like you already are doing it, right, you find yourself and be the most of yourself you can possibly be, and then the people who experience you have the chance to be like, Oh, this person's fucking awesome and I wanna be awesome with them. Yes, you get the choice of like, Is that what I want in my life? So I totally agree, go online and do all the things, there's also so many outdoor things that you can do, like I do this thing at the cemetery near my house called grave gardening, where you sign up and there are these cradle Graves and you are laughing, we're gonna love you. Merengu outside, it did a


0:07:36.0 S2: Symmetry. This is why Road and I get along, 'cause Mortimer is with my favorite. This is in the world.


0:07:43.7 S1: The take whole afternoon talking about that, then you can connect with the past and it's amazing. But yeah, it's like you get a grave and you get to plan a garden in it, and in this case, it's like plants that were indigenous to Pennsylvania in the 19th century when the graveyard was started, and so all the tenants... It really Edwards from the ages of 17 to 85. And so you could do something like that, or there are days where you can clean up a local garden or a volunteering stuff, and so I feel like finding things that are super... You mean that then when you get there, you don't have to be like, What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies and what is going on with this grave, did you know when there's an anchor on top of it, it means the person came over on a ship, which I think is true. Anyway, so then you're like being awesome and talking about shit that you like, and then there's none of the gross small to a Iran.


0:08:47.4 S2: You're already starting to see a less common interest, right. 'cause we're all doing something that you both enjoy...


0:08:53.3 S1: Yeah, and I think rarely hit it on the head, that whole knowing who you are as opposed to expecting someone else to have that answer for you, you can be, which is really romantic in a book, but you know... Yeah, no, I... You, you complete you, somebody else makes it better if that person makes it better for you, but if you don't have that, I know who I am and I'm kicking my A, I'm kicking ass or you're picking your own ass, if that's your thing. Fine. If you don't have that though, it's really hard because you're expecting so much from another person.


0:09:37.9 S2: That's a lot of pressure to put on a partner


0:09:41.6 S1: To one more thing, which I feel like is sort of the opposite of the conventional early dating stuff that most of us as especially those of us who are socialized as women get taught, I feel like it's one of those things where if you meet someone and you think they're cute or hot or interesting, you say, How do I make the first move if they don't... I feel like the best, best thing is just to be completely honest and be like, Hey, kind of getting a little vibe between us... You seem like someone I would love to spend more time with. Would you ever want to get a coffee? Would you ever want a zoo, would you wanna hang your phone numbers and we could watch a movie and text during it, you're leaving it really open, it's not making a move in a kind of a way... Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's just being super honest that you're interested and your interest could look like anything, it's not like it has to necessarily be romantic, you're leaving that person and out, which anyone who's ever hitting on anyone should always do. Yeah, it's no pressure if they're like, Oh, you know, maybe I'll just see you here again, just in case it's not clear, that means I'm 100% not interested in you, and then you know, it's fine and you didn't lie down in a puddle and some of that...


0:10:56.6 S1: And some grandest rest, it's super chill and you made the first move and you can even be like, You're so cute, wanna take a walk some time, and if they say no, and you're like, Great, if I see you around, I'll say yes. Okay, I... Ever honest, are clear. And then if they like... And they're like, Yeah, let's get a coffee. Being really, really honest about what you want. Like, Hey, I have... Just what you said, I've spent my 20s kind of doing all this awesome shit, and I'm thinking it might be fun to have someone to do it with... What's your deal? It can just be so casual, but I really feel like there's all this nonsense around dating that's like... Present yourself in the best possible way. Right, right. And have the story, you're selling yourself, which maybe that works for some people, I don't know, but I find I give an obnoxious and I feel like honesty is the literal most attractive thing. Well, and it's awesome. That sounds exhausting, kid know about you all, but I'm kind of done with exhausting things, so... Yeah, and I think also in that sort of in that vein, being able to sort of take that coffee date or your graveyard gardening as fun in itself, and not to put a huge expectation on it that, Okay, we're doing this and so it's gotta be this...


0:12:21.0 S1: It may just be that this person just turns out to be somebody who is in your life as a friend or you know, there's so many different levels of relationships that we can have with people and they're all important.


0:12:35.1 S2: So... Yeah, definitely. Well, hopefully that answered your question. I give you in a tragic...


0:12:43.2 S1: And if all else fails, you just said it... Yeah, real Simon roles are delicious.


0:12:50.5 S2: The everyone should have them. Maybe that should be this week's recipe is a site. Second is kind of thing, and I was like, I just Hawthorne.


0:13:02.4 S1: Yes, Steve Chantal. Right. So tell us about our second letter...


0:13:09.1 S2: Okay. Our second letter is from, and my husband and I are newlyweds. And while I'm ecstatic to spend the rest of my life with him, I keep worrying I'm not good enough. And don't have what it takes to be a good spouse. What would you consider the essentials of a fulfilling and happy life-long relationship?


0:13:28.8 S1: I know, don't you just wanna give hugs... I do socially distance up, especially the stocks.


0:13:36.3 S2: We're hugging you, if you can't see where we are, and we're giving you the office and crane them a... No. Okay. Yes, thank you.


0:13:47.4 S1: I really feel like there are two parts to this question, if I can just dive in for two questions in this question, one is, what are the essentials of a fulfilling and happy life-long relationship, and then there's the bit about worrying that Andy is not a good enough spouse, and I kinda feel like those two have to be answered or responded to separately because to me, there two really different things, and I think that there is a commonality between them, and the commonality is, it doesn't matter what we think. A happy, fulfilling, life-long relationship is, or what a good spouse is, it only matters what you and your spouse think... Right, and so I think that... To answer the second part of the question, I mean, don't get me wrong. I will tell you what I think is building an upline


0:14:32.4 S2: Will still tell you what to do in a orbits.


0:14:35.6 S1: Not come just saying your mileage may vary. Yeah, exactly, but I feel like this is such a fabulous question, a question starter where what I am imagining you and your spouse could do is sit down and have this be like a prompt, because I'm an enormous nerd, I'll say like a journaling prompt, but you don't have to do it this way. But in my fantasy would be like, the prompt is, what are the essentials of a fulfilling and happy life-long relationship, you have 15 minutes or whatever, and both of you write down or type or draw or whatever, what that is to you, and it could be keywords that you jot down, it could be like a journal entry, it could be whatever you want, just like some notes that are coming undine from each of you without the influence of the other, and then you get together and you look at what both of you wrote and you see what things appear on both lists and whatever those things are that if you're on both lists, those are things that you both agree about that are essential to a fulfilled, happy, life-long relationship, and then the things that are on each of your lists that don't...


0:15:42.6 S1: That don't appear on both of them... Each of you take a minute to be like, This is why I consider this essential. And then once you know each others, in addition to the ones you share, that's such a great check because at every point in your relationship, you can be like... My spouse thinks that in venture is essential to a fulfilling and happy life-long relationship, so this thing that they are looking to do seems like it's really hitting the adventure thing, and even if that's not one of my essentials... I want them to be happy and this is cool, so I'll do that, or I want them to be happy, but this is totally not cool with me, so enjoy skydiving on your own. Darling, see, you were on... And so that sets... You offer really strongly with the ability to at any point, like check in on each other's lists and be like, Oh, this is why this person wants this thing, 'cause it's hitting the same... That to them is essential. Or if it turns out you have really, really different lists, that's a conversation in an e itself, like what are the things that maybe we disagree about and need to compromise on, or what are the things that we are really, really far apart on, and maybe these are gonna be the sources of conflict, so we should just be aware of it, but I think that's a great place to start a relationship, especially as a newlywed, is just in


0:16:56.5 S2: A clear check in, this is a great point in the relationship to start that conversation because you're at the beginning, and it's like, we can set up for success if we do this now... Yeah, for sure.


0:17:08.8 S1: So my oldest got me watching Married at First Sight, which I had never seen before, but refit


0:17:15.4 S2: Site... What, you have to expand the. Alright, so it is basically... It's an arranged marriage. Shot.


0:17:23.1 S1: I thought it was gonna be done basically in the super trashy reality TV was... It's not so much, I say so much. But anyways, what was really interesting is one of the people that comes in to talk to him, he had a conversation with the newly weds about something called Naked... What did he call it? It was like making emotions or something like that, and it's basically what you're talking about, Rome, where you come in and you are... You have a safe place to be able to have this conversation about something that's bothering you or something you want, or however it may be an agree. I think that being able to have that in the beginning of a relationship is so important, I would also try to go ahead and... Sorry, my little thing just popped up to give me more time, but just real quick to finish the thought is that Don't expect that your list will always stay the same, so as you make this list, give yourself time and space to go back and revisit it because it changes, it changes. You will change during a long relationship, your spouse will change during a long relationship, you cannot expect that, that won't happen, that is a guarantee, that is the one thing that you can depend on for sure, and a life-long relationship is that you guys are gonna change so be willing to go revisit that, in fact, you can make it fun, it doesn't have to be a Slack, you can go revisit your list and say, Okay, let's do it, fires on with skin the drink.


0:19:06.9 S1: Let's go.


0:19:07.9 S2: Yeah, I love that. One's idea of checking in every once in a while... Yeah, I see.


0:19:14.1 S1: Exactly. You like an anniversary thing... Every year on your anniversary or every whatever, you do a new list and look at the old ones, and then were all the years you would have this document of your changing relationship to... And by the way, the is such a touchy-feely thing, it makes me physically uncomfortable, but... That's okay too. That's okay too. And I would say my number one piece of advice for having a long relationship, because it's easy sometimes to forget it, is to treat the other person with the kindness and respect that you would a stranger, which hopefully would be a decent amount, but it's easy, especially after some time to take somebody for granted or just to say, This is the person that I can be really snap-ish with, 'cause I'm in a bad mood, and I would be nicer to the checkout person at the grocery store than I am being with the person who I'm spending the rest of my life with... So always remember that you treat the person with the amount of respect and care and kindness that you are a stranger.


0:20:24.8 S2: A... Yeah, I agree. I think the one piece advice I can give for a long-term relationship is, it's okay to be independent, you're not co-dependent, and the relationship... Ryu shouldn't be codependent relationship... It's okay to have different interests. It's okay, like different things, it's okay for you like 2% Milford them to home look, it's okay. You don't have to agree on everything. And like all the same things. And I think one of the things that I hear a lot from friends who are not attached and they met like, Oh, I can't find someone who's into so-and so like I am so I'm always gonna be alone, I'm like, Well, you can still enjoy that thing, like you can find other people in the groups that you go to or the classes that you take that will enjoy that thing with you, and then you can share with your partner how much you enjoyed it, and they can talk about something that they enjoyed and then you, you would share it that way, you don't have to actually be... Mr. X is not into the same TV shows and stuff that I'm into, but there's enough common ground that we can...


0:21:23.7 S2: We enjoy a soccer match together, and then I go and do my thing, and he goes and plays his video games or whatever it is, but you don't have to share every single like and interest. And I think that's one of the things that people think, everything matches. I've like, minds up, and it doesn't always... I think that's so important.


0:21:43.9 S1: I would love to circle back to the first issue of Andy's letter where they say, I keep worrying, I'm not good enough and don't eyes. And I think that that is so relatable, and I have honestly the same advice that I had for the second part of the letter, which is like, there is no such thing as a good spouse, it's only what you think is a good spouse and your spouse thinks is a good spouse. And some people really care about having all these interests in common, and Zeo as tanks, for some people, that's not important. And so you only need to know what you expect of your partner and what you're... A partner expects from you what you need from your partner and what they need from you, and if you're concerned that you're not good enough and don't have what it takes... My question to you is, are you worried about that because you know what your spouse expects and you're having anxiety about your ability to be that... Where is it that you don't know what your spouse wants and what you're worried you can't measure up to is some sort of like in the ether generalizable sense of spouse-ness that's like...


0:22:55.0 S1: From the buses, I love that. I think you are ways to be a spouse as there are couples in the LOS, and it only matters what you and yourself need.


0:23:08.5 S2: That's why your idea of making a list or having that conversation in the beginning to establish those expectations, I think covers that. It's like, This is what I would like to see us to you, and this is what I'd like you to be for me, and what do you need me to be for you? I think that's an important conversation to have, and then it'll get rid of at least hopeful of that anxiety of why they're not... Yeah. What did... And wouldn't have married you. Yeah, you were in your newly wise. You're awesome. You're a one. Awesome.


0:23:44.2 S1: Yeah, and again, you have to give yourself the space to not be perfect, and you have to give your spouse the space not to be perfect, you know you're not... Your spouse is everything, and your spouse is not your everything, have that independent still. Because otherwise, not only is that expecting way a lot from your spouse, but it is also... What's the word? You're moving off things that are your responsibility onto somebody else to show your half your responsibility. It really is, so... And if you think, if what's happening is that it's a persistent issue in your life that you think you're not good enough, so this isn't really about spouse-ness, it's about like if you're a teacher, you think you're not a good enough teacher when you're a friend, do you feel like you're not a good enough friend when you're writing, you think you're not a good enough writer, I would say to a therapist in some... Some low self-esteem, some issues of confidence, of issues of anxiety, and those are so relatable, so normal and also could really, really be helped by talking through some, getting some kind of reality checks from somebody outside your own brain amenities.


0:25:03.4 S1: Yeah, absolutely. But congratulations on... It wasn't a year. What's the theme for our playlist this week?


0:25:22.0 S2: Oh, this week is looking for love. How apropos is that? I love it. There's some great stuff on there to I've got... Let's see, we've got the Supremes on there. You Can't Hurry Love, I've got Death cap cutie as doing some back some shade. Any wine house, Keith Urban. There's like... I went a little crazy on this one, this one's got about 43 songs on it at a little while on there, but


0:25:47.8 S1: The love takes a long time. Yeah, yeah, carefree got a lot of kitchen dancing, you need to... So where can our Fox find this?


0:25:57.8 S2: I will put the link in the comments below and also on our website, there's a link for our Spotify. Yeah. Well, good, we're good. Yeah, yeah. Awesome.


0:26:08.5 S1: Yeah, well, as always, I am hungry and I know... So what is our recipe in the episode Road? I think we might have an idea


0:26:18.2 S2: To possibly be a name.


0:26:21.2 S1: Not have 100% giving it away. Earlier at this week is cinnamon rolls, inspired by our first letter, first letter writer, yelling love, Intamin roles Alicia


0:26:35.9 S2: Right now, I haven't had one of ever actually.


0:26:38.2 S1: Oh my gosh, they're so good. And our recipe this week, the rest of PE for Simon rolls this week is, it's a classic sentiment role, but I have put in the recipe it a couple of ways to change it up, so I did one variation that is a pumpkin spice cinnamon roll or alloys this is coconut


0:27:00.2 S2: Pumpkins.


0:27:01.9 S1: Bila this year. As life-changing.


0:27:06.9 S2: I still haven't had one... It


0:27:08.9 S1: Was pretty good. I'm not gonna lie. Yeah. Okay, it was pretty good. I... One, yes, I did a Pumpkin by late variation, and I did like a probably a variation. My cash.


0:27:21.3 S2: I'll be right there with you, like I will put on a hazmat and just come to you.


0:27:26.8 S1: Do you live close enough by that if you're very, very nice to me, maybe I will drop off and so minerals that your friend...


0:27:31.8 S2: I'm making hard eyes one right now.


0:27:35.2 S1: I'm crying now. I'm sorry over... You just don't... Just gonna come a little closer, so we will be sharing some recommendations, so Zeo and Romeo guys start us off, what are you binging, reading, listening to or doing a lot of lately or... I know I like to the game, but I just watched euphoria for the first time. I have done it, yeah.


0:28:09.3 S2: I've only watched three episodes and I had to go ahead to wait to binge the whole thing 'cause... Yeah, it's


0:28:14.8 S1: Amazing. I have to ask a ridiculous question 'cause I am 8000 years old, but... How is it? Sandia or ended, I honestly don't know. I


0:28:24.9 S2: Think it's a diet, but I'm not sure. Okay, I'm from Nebraska. I don't wanna ask me. Had pronounced.


0:28:31.3 S1: Okay, I literally googled it and it had both pronunciations anyways, venda is fabulous and amazing. The actor who plays Jules, who is a trans... In the show, trans woman in the show, it's her first acting role, I think, which I was just blown away. Owing is amazing, there's this character called Fez who is just a darling, darling, delight. And the way the show shot, I think is really amazing, it's very dreamy and vaguely drug adult, which is kind of at the show, but it does it in a way that is not music video at all, it actually feels really being inside a teenage relationship, which like Okay, it's been a while, but I do remember. It's fucking amazing.


0:29:24.2 S2: Oh, good. Yeah, and they have those... The extras that they did over the win over the years.


0:29:30.4 S1: Just watch those two episodes that were shot during pandemic, one with each of the main characters and one other actor, and so it's this kind of like... The first one is a conversation between Sandia and her sponsor from Narcotics Anonymous in a diner, and then the second one is Jules and her therapist, and it's like two actors, just a script, just one location, which is kind of my favorite kind of drama because it rests entirely on the writing and the characterization and the performances are just amazing.


0:30:07.2 S2: She's got a new movie out. And I can't think of the name of the


0:30:10.6 S1: E and Malcom or matrimonial director for a writer director. Who did you for? And I'm really excited to


0:30:21.7 S2: Look at how he... Anything. Yeah, she's incredible, and she can sing to a sheath things on some of the tracks on that you... Forerunners is a just... That's what got me into the show and Shibata, the South, right? Just like fingers all the way through it. Seriously, yeah.


0:30:43.6 S1: That...


0:30:45.0 S2: Well, the show I just finished is a completely different shade, it's a region show that they did over the holidays called Home for Christmas, he child you. And the first season, the second season was this year or this past year, there's only six episodes in each season, but it is so... It's funny, it's quirky. It's very, very Negan. It's also dubbed in English, you can listen to an English or read subtitles by the way, but it's like the single person's nightmare Christmas scenario with their family put on speed, but it's so heart-warming and sweet and loving, and she's got such a great family and friends around her. So if you're looking for something that's like laugh out loud, funny and hilarious, but also really sweet at the same time, you can check that one, Netflix.


0:31:33.3 S1: Hey, and then I'll bring us down. Way down. I am actually still in the process of watching... And I think I've got 15 minutes left. I'm watching the new Britney Spears documentary from The New York Times.


0:31:46.1 S2: It's


0:31:46.3 S1: On Hulu. It is just really, quite frankly, kind of heartbreaking, because I remember going through and actually inhaling every little bit of Brittany news as she completely lost it, shaped your head, did all that stuff, and it is so different to watch it now with a different perspective, and so yeah, it's pretty heartbreaking. It's not quite, it's not on the same level as like the Amy Winehouse documentary, that was devastating, that was just... Well, that girl had no one in her hesitates is really interesting, and it sort of... It gives you a good perspective on how we society can change our perspective on how we... How we appreciate things and how we perceive things, I think if the same thing were to be happening right now, it would be taken in a completely different way than how we did at the time, which was basically pulled the popcorn, this is total in her game and she's losing it on. And it was just very cool.


0:33:00.0 S2: Quite frankly.


0:33:01.8 S1: And I have to do a music one because I am not a music person. So this was recommended to me by Apple Music. And it was our local Arlo parks, and it's called collapse and sun. Ben, it's so good, you guys... This is like bathtub music is what I would call it, you know, 'cause you literally will just sit in the hot tub and just listen to it, and it's really


0:33:27.1 S2: In a... To


0:33:28.5 S1: My tops are very hot always, and it has a great line in there, many, but one of the ones that I pulled out was I look the grief off your lips, and that is the opening line of a song, and that is just...


0:33:44.2 S2: I think that Arapahoe music for day a couple of weeks ago, and I was just like, Oh man, this is gonna be so big. By summer, this is gonna be so big. Cannot wait.


0:33:53.0 S1: Yeah, it's a nice chill vibe. I really liked it. I guess it's her JB as well, which I did not realize. Yeah.


0:34:04.2 S2: There's a lot of great new music coming out right now, I'm excited.


0:34:13.4 S1: Thank you so much for listening. What did you think? Did we get it right? I totally got it wrong. Let us know and


0:34:19.5 S2: Remember to follow us on social media, subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and YouTube, and tell your friends to do the same, plus be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, a dear romance writer dot com for all the latest and to get access to special Patreon-only content


0:34:35.6 S1: Has always keep sending in those letters at Dear romance writer dot com, you have questions, we have questionable answers. See you next time!

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