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0:00:11.7 S1: Welcome to Dear romance writer, were three writers who always deliver happily ever after, offer a questionable advice for all of your relationship, work and life problems. I'm Zeolite


0:00:24.7 S2: And I'm ropes. We've got a great show for you today. With the fabulous AC. Arthur, tell us a little bit about yourself as...


0:00:32.7 S1: Hey, she just said, I'm as, I'm also layers lots of multiple personalities going on here, and every time somebody gets says, tell us a little bit about yourself, I'm always like, Well, there's nothing to tell because I'm just me, and I expect everybody to just know that that I'm just me. Yeah, but I am... I am an author, I'm actually the authors in one, mother of three, Nana to two dog mama to one very stubborn English bulldog. In addition to my writer jobs, I also work as a judicial assistant in the federal court system, so yeah, I'm sort of like a jack of all trades, a Gillette of all trees. Jack of all trade sounds better. I know Jill of all trades is politically correct, but I still like how Jack of alternates, I'm gonna stick with that.


0:01:34.3 S2: And I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say that if you work in the federal court house system, that you already no shit person cathode to be.


0:01:47.1 S1: But I think I do it in a pretty nice way... Well, I actually see the... Actually, the judge I work with was like, Yeah, no, you're not really... Niche


0:01:58.9 S2: Doesn't understand how mean you could be a aacta


0:02:02.4 S1: Ly. You don't have a hoary.


0:02:06.3 S2: My best.


0:02:06.8 S1: And he's like, Yeah, no, that was Tattersalls. But it works.


0:02:12.0 S2: It works, it helps him all the time.


0:02:13.8 S1: So I Anastasio, people who aren't watching this on YouTube, you're missing out on the gorgeous hair color that AC has clear as you're kind of going in the same direction.


0:02:26.1 S2: You look at this to feel like a hesitant, radiant red and eliminate...


0:02:35.3 S1: This is may fall color is usually more red in the spring, it's funny, over the weekend, I was in North Kalina and we were going back into the hotel one night, and a girl was walking towards me, and her hair is like really, really red, and she says, Oh, we have the same color hair. And I was like, Oh no, is my hand really that... Right. In and then she had to die all down her neck and her shoulders, and I was like... And so when I get back to the room, I'm all in the bathroom like, Look the...


0:03:11.2 S2: Yeah, Am I good? And that is the worst part about the dad Harriot, the lotto towels. It looks like you hear somebody from the hair dye.


0:03:22.7 S1: You tell your pillow cases like my night and one day I had a really pretty... One thing I had so much in my year, I thought my ear was bleeding and I was really good at it, it's really about to call the doctor 'cause I'm in the bathroom, washing my face in them, clean out my ears, and I look at the ring, I'm like, Oh Lord, I've Buster drum or something, and I'm in Ritchie. Just, Hey, a base would have terrified me. I would have been say, when I put that purple wax in my hair this year, that stuff was coming out in my brushing and comes for like a month, it's supposed to what you watched out right away, it wasn't in my...


0:03:55.4 S2: I didn't see it in my hair. But every time everything, it was on every... On my fingers everywhere. And I was like, What was this tapinoma? I don't know, a manning madani a and doing it in the middle of the night when my parents were asleep and I was like, I'm so still... No one's ever gonna know. And then the next time I took a shower, I didn't even... I didn't know what was gonna happen, and I looked down and watched as the entire... The ground on the shower turned circle, and I was like, My parents are going to murder me 'cause I was there with a tooth brush and Earth... It took 10 years. I probably.


0:04:29.4 S1: When I worked in hot topic, I heard so many manic disaster stories, but never out turning freeway worked at Hot Topic.


0:04:37.9 S2: Yes, ma'am. This is me now. Favorite thing ever. I


0:04:43.7 S1: Also managed a speech, there's a lot you don't know about me


0:04:46.8 S2: Every... That's because you have a whole separate like, I don't know, secret life somewhere, she's killed at least three people with her self-sedate me because I am


0:05:00.2 S1: A... I'm known for not keeping secrets of that type because I don't have any desire to go to jail for anybody... Right there on on. You tell me that then I have to be with this. I'm sorry.


0:05:12.6 S2: Yeah, that actually gives us a perfect chat topic for this week, just for right now, before the letter, before the letter chat, and that is, Are you a good secret keeper or you're a bad... Secret key. I am also a bad secretion are...


0:05:30.6 S1: Would you go to Judea? That's a farther, the body. Yeah.


0:05:36.8 S2: But no, this is a... You go to jail, or... I'm never gonna tell you people that... Are you talking about...


0:05:47.3 S1: Yeah, the secret. Yeah, and who is... Who about it for... I can keep business secrets, if you call me and say, Hey, I need to talk to talk to you about something like in its industry-wise or something like that. Obviously, I'm not gonna share that. But yeah, if you're telling me something that's illegal, I'm really afraid of going to jail, and so I'm never gonna keep that secret, and I'm gonna tell you... Right, a. Clint, you should probably stop. Right.


0:06:16.7 S2: You probably walk away.


0:06:18.4 S1: Yeah, yeah, let's just hang up and in this conversation, 'cause I'm gonna tell...


0:06:24.7 S2: I like that. Now, she rode hit me as a very good secret keeper, I'm a very... Tori have secrets about myself and others that I've kept since elementary school, and we'll never tell, I delight in having secrets, I dot-e, too tiny little fireballs of power that I Ford within myself and you on so monotonous, be on a teacher somewhere in a lighthouse, retool


0:07:02.1 S1: NT have described it that way. But yeah, it is sort of like.


0:07:05.7 S2: It is.


0:07:07.1 S1: It's power, but for me it's so I think, especially when someone confines in me, I don't wanna say worthy, but I have some... There's some values on other value that I offer that I didn't know I had... Do you know what I mean? If somebody's confidant, that's like the capital scene... You know what I mean? That's like a relationship, whatever friendship that is


0:07:30.7 S2: A level up


0:07:31.6 S1: To... Yes, thank you. That's perfect. Yes, level. And it does kind of seal the relationship, like if you are... If you were just generally like we're just meeting up in the lunch arm and we're just chit-chatting, but the minute you confide in me about something, they were like, all friends. Yeah, we have a whole... This relationship has a whole title now...


0:07:51.3 S2: Yeah, and I feel like that what you're describing, so to me, is that kind of like that thing where they say it's a real power move and you can make people indebted to you by telling them a secret or by confessing ones, we're asking for help because it's like people do feel really honored and they feel really like, Oh, you look at me and see someone trustworthy and you want me to keep your secrets, that must be... Not you think I'm better than you somehow. Not really, but I terminated. So even though I don't think about it that way, in my real life, if someone's healthy a secret, I feel like they are so their social capital in those relationships in a way that... I'd be lying if I said I taillight. Well, since we are on friendship here and all of that good stuff, that kind of brings us to our letter, it actually did a somewhat decent transition there, they were in for us.


0:08:53.6 S1: We pulled this one because we need more letters from our listeners, please write to us, we want to help you, we actually don't suck at it, we... Some good advice, even though it can be questionable at times, but we did pull this one from AM on the asshole on red it because it's just a treasure trove of screwed up relationships, so the is... Hey, it starts. Hey, that's always good. I'm 28 Female, My husband 31 male, and I just moved back to our hometown after three years of living out of state, most of our old friends still live here, so we bought a home and we're trying to throw a housewarming party for this fall, it will be the first time we get all of our friends together at the same time since before, moved away, I had the idea that I want to just get together to be like old times free or responsibility, and just a ton of fun that will likely be heavy drinking in cannabis usage, we live in a legal state and perhaps some irresponsible behavior, but our home can accommodate folks that wanna stay the night, for all these reasons, I thought it best to make it a child-free gig.


0:09:56.5 S1: Here we go, cohorts, my husband and I are child-free by choice, we just have other goals for our life together at this time, but we're super, super happy and supportive of our friends and family that have decided to have kids, we think it's so exciting and we love meeting each of their little ones, we have zero problem with kids babies, we just wanted something different for our party, so I made an FB group... Facebook, sorry, Facebook group for the party. At the bottom of the event description, I wrote kindly, this is a no kids event, as much as we love your little ones... Let's consider this a 21 plus party. We understand if you can only stay a few hours, we would love to see you and party like all times, Kiss, kiss not... Not an hour later, I get a text from a close friend who had her first baby last year, her text was... I'm not sure. Helmand, I will make it with no kids policy.


0:10:43.6 S2: Sorry, we have a handful.


0:10:45.2 S1: And quote, before I could respond, I get another text from her, quote, in fact, I would recommend rethinking that some of us have adult responsibilities now and can't just drop everything to live like college kids... Again, it's just different, you know. This is me adding voices that... I'm not sure if she was trying to get a dig at me, she knows I'm child-free.


0:11:06.1 S2: But I care about that. Yeah, but now I feel A...


0:11:15.6 S1: I wasn't trying to inconvenience anyone, I just didn't think this entire environment would be suitable for kids, maybe I was out of line to ask, but I also don't appreciate the implication that I lived like a college kid just because I want a child free party. Should I change it to include kids... No, no. That's just my two cents. Wow. Yeah. To that had this situation. But I've had the situation


0:11:44.6 S2: Go... No, I pulled this from a... The ashwell... And part of why I thought it would be so interesting, it's... 'cause we are mix of child pre and having kids in different life stages and all of that stuff, so I don't know if any of us are gonna disagree though, so I'm really interested in seeing this, but yeah. I think the letter writer handled it very mature-ly, especially for somebody who's supposedly a college kid, if it's not your thing, it's not your thing. That's okay. And they were pretty cool about letting people know upfront, Hey, this is the thing, and they were also very cool, I thought about... Act even thought about that. Right, they didn't just assume that everybody would be okay with their kids hanging around with adults, you were drinking or sponsor doing whatever. Right. So yeah, I think mommy is a little bit here and in the wrong, and I have somebody with three kids who's had to deal with invitations that sometimes we've been like, Hey, this is a no kids saying, or, This is a kid's thing. It's not like a wedding, it's not like a big family event, and then I would be like, Well, that's kind of weird, but the fact that you're like, Hey, this was a housewarming party and we're all gonna get drunk, probably smoke weed during your kids, it's just...


0:13:19.4 S2: The fact that they were like, I want... You should probably change is the entire theme of your party and premise of your party just to accommodate me, basically is what the response was, and I was like, Oh no, I'm trying to figure out why you would even want to take your infant to the... Why do you


0:13:38.9 S1: Look in... I was never like, I was in awe. And go anywhere, we had... You know what we had... When our kids were younger, we don't go anywhere, we kinda don't go anywhere now that they're older either, but I digress, we did not always take our kids when we were in... Write it somewhere. If it was somewhere a family, then we always just knew that that was everybody kids what to be, but we were never offended if somebody... He said, This is an adult party, that was this all the more reason for us to find a babysitter and go to this Adult Party, can be an adult and not have somebody spitting up on you or asking you to do something for him. I would think you would need that little break, plus I think it's kind of rude to just to come back and say, expect somebody to include your kids in everything, especially if you know that this couple does not have children, why would you expect them to accommodate children yeah.


0:14:44.7 S2: I totally agree, and I think that that is my biggest irritation with this is that it just so clearly comes from such a heteronormative lens to me, it comes from a lens of someone who like this woman I don't think wants to bring her kids to the party, I think she wants this person to change the whole party from something that she wants to something that's like family-friendly in general, have your partner now I have there be no drugs, and I don't wanna play Pin the Tail on everyone, Talon... I don't know, 'cause I think she actually is offended that this friend is throwing a party that is not kid-friendly in the first place, and that happened because she has kids now, and she's like, I am following the path that traditionally society sets out for heterosexual couples and because that's the normal path, of course, you are doing something that's like the deviating from the norm, so why should I be expected to change my plans, you should change and accommodate me, and that... I think as someone who is a queer be childless by choice. I mean, I just... It happens so often, and I don't think it's generally ill-intentioned, it's just ignorant, it's not someone trying to make you feel bad, it's usually just someone who has so wholesale bought into this like First you date someone, then you get married, then you have kids, and then everyone's having it around, having kids around you, so everyone agrees that our lives change together, and if you're not on that same track, you're like, Actually, no, that was not a document that I ever signed acknowledging that as what my life would look like.


0:16:22.1 S2: So about this... So you didn't get that in sixth grade when they separated you for health... Colonial wasn't in my pocket. Yeah, I really is a bigger issue actually than just the party, and I would be... I would bet that this is an issue that's gonna come up again and again between those... Sunni agree with what you said, Avery. I think that's the person who's throwing the party had handled it really well and was very polite and gave everyone a good opportunity, and I bet that little by little, if they stay childless by choice, they're gonna have this happen over and over, until eventually they're gonna have to say like a thing that a lot of us have to say to friends and loved ones with children, which is like, Hey, I love you, I respect your friendship, my life does not center around your children, and I would really appreciate it if you could make your children, your problem and not mine. Because I'm not responsible for them. You're it. Yeah.


0:17:19.4 S1: Just having children and... Sorry, having small children in your house when you don't have children, everything is a hazard to the bar, to speak everything and Pence laying around everything is a hazard, and to put somebody in a position where they have the child proof their house so that you can come to a party is


0:17:39.0 S2: Like Walpole. Yeah, that's a little crazy. I take think there's a couple of things that could be going on as well, sort of like under the level of things... I agree with you, ROI think This is gonna come up probably quite often, I can't imagine how often it comes up on my first... At like 25 years ago. But I will say though, I wonder how much as well, she sounds like she and her partner are the only ones who left their home town and in the hometown functions like most small towns or many small town, then there's a whole year level of resentment that happens for the piece of it that I tease times when they do and they come back, I don't know why, I can't explain it. It just is, so that could factor into some of it as well, and also sometimes I think we do, and I think this is a very human thing. When you leave a situation or you leave a group of friends, those people are sort of Cris lived in your head as what they were... Right, so it is an adjustment when you've got, Hey, these people are Chrysalis, in my head is X, and I moved back to town and out there, why? And they're holding down two jobs and to get a babysitter costs 20 bucks an hour and something not just like that, especially if these multiple kids, it really night out starts the car payment, basically, it's hetero that main factor into things as well, so I mean, there's that I think...


0:19:25.1 S2: And then I think there is a weird dynamic between folks who are childless by choice and people who have kids, and I think it goes like everything else in life, it goes on the spectrum, I think... You go all the way from the people who have kids and those kids become their identity, that is a big extreme, and then you've got the other end of things where it's people who can... Who do not have kids and they cannot understand that sometimes there are accommodations that need to be made for kids, I think you made a... Brought up a really good point about that child-proofing of a house thing, first time I brought my kids to my mother's house... Okay, she obviously had kids with toddlers, there were so many crazy hard stuff that was at the edge of the late... No, he was like things I could blame. It was like on that I elegies the entire house. It's projectiles here, and I'm a bad mom, so my kids are all completely wild, so I was like, Oh my God, mom, They're gonna kill your house and each other and possibly you... So there's that...


0:20:44.0 S2: Or I remember one of the very first super stressful times I had as a parent with a non-parent was I was with somebody who has ciws by choice, and we were looking for a place to go have lunch, and I had a... I think Abel was two at the time, scarring in the backseat because she was so hungry, she could not wait me more, and we were having to go from place to place to place to find something that the other person would agree to eat at a Walkerton. Just make something. And it was, I finally just had to just say, No, we're not gonna drive for them anymore, this is what we're eating, 'cause there are extremes that we go to, I'd like to think that most people are more towards the metal... I think the letter writer sounds to me where she's like trying to set boundaries, trying to be for trying to be as accommodating as possible for folks, but yeah, there are streams on that end and we... We need to be empathetic to each other in different circumstances.


0:21:54.7 S1: I think sometimes people don't understand that now. It's a choice, you don't have to go to the party, and you don't really have to offer an excuse why you're not going to the part, you're like, Yeah, I'm not... You didn't even really have to get into the whole, some of us have children. Blah, blah, blah, except that I felt like she just wanted to do a big... When she wants to that there was that second tech when she met the responded and then she responded again, Ani think you should change everything and see that would put her firmly on the no invite ever, ever again. A serious or measures, this is the last... Even if I have a whole ton of kids and start having kids birthday parties, you're not coming because you don't know how to act... Yeah, because you could have just said, No, we're not gonna make it... That's what I would have said, No, we're gonna make it like... That's just it. I don't have to give you, I don't know you an excuse for why I'm not coming, and I'm certainly not going to tell you to change your party, just so that I can come.


0:22:54.3 S1: That's just easy.


0:22:57.5 S2: Yeah, and I think that's... I don't really enjoy parties, it's not... I like talking to people one-on-one, I'd get very overwhelmed at them, people invite me to be polite even though they know that I don't love them, and sometimes I'll go and they're happy and that's nice, but I would never... If someone invited me to a party, I would never be like, Oh gosh. I actually hate parties. Would you cancel it and we could just have dinner, the two of us, and I said, What kind of a slashing that you have invited me to as your guest to a thing where it's all about me. I think that's outrageous. I wanted to... What you were saying reminded me of something very... About money that I think is so important. I think that it's... Definitely, it's right on to point out how expensive it can get a baby sitter and all of those things, and one of the things that I think as... I totally agree with that. And also, I think that although of course, no one should ever be spending money that they don't have to get a baby center to go to a party that is not important to them.


0:23:57.6 S2: I do feel like this is apparently on that same issue that I was talking about, about the kind of like normal normal road that people go on, because I cannot tell you how much money I have spent over the years going to weddings, buying, baby, going to showers for 40 friends, so much money, because there are things that you have to do to go to these socially sanctioned events, and I've never had one and I probably won't have one, and that's fine, and I don't want one, but if this child is by choice, couple went to the wedding of that other friend, went to a baby shower, got their kids like a book for their first birthday or whatever, which we all do. I think that it's... Of course, this person should not send money if they don't have it, that goes without saying, but I think the social attitude that it's a choice to go to a party, but of course, you're expected to go to a wedding. Of course, it's a choice, and also I think it behooves folks to remember that there are people in your life who you've never spent that money on, you've never sent that money on on their wedding, or their child's graduation, or the Christmas...


0:25:17.5 S2: Whatever cards for all those people. And so maybe if someone has a party that you're not that into, like you should go ahead and drop 100 bucks because they spent 1000 over the last 10 years of your friendship on your socialization depends and those of your children, Nootka that... Well, I know it's a child. The 80s baby sitting at 10, Caring For small infants is one, did Ms. We used to do group babysitting deals, meters would go in and there'd be one or two baby sitters for these seven kids and you watch cartoons and a popcorn and stop people from eating their brokers. So there are options, there are things that you can do, but yeah, I think a lot of it just comes down to stopping an asshole who think the world revolves around you...


0:26:17.1 S1: Yeah, basically, basically, yeah, I wonder if anyone else from that friend group texted or as just the water when she was saying, I thought she was gonna say, and then I started getting other people started responding to, but it seemed to have been the, this is a


0:26:35.5 S2: Just a, the asiad it really well about the fact that if you can't do something, for whatever reason, whether you're broke, you don't wanna go because your kids can't go out, you just don't wanna go, you don't actually have to tell people... You could just say, Hey, thanks for the insight. Really love... Thank you for thinking about me, but I'm a... No, go for that. I mean, they just had somebody... Not if something's not a friend, if somebody has a friend, that's okay, they might follow up with really in bummed 'cause I wanna see you and all that, but... That's okay.


0:27:11.6 S1: It's always the only time they'll ever be able to get together, they just move back there, so... This response is just to tell. Over the Top. Restive, aggressive. I've been passive. It's just a question.


0:27:23.5 S2: Yeah. Okay, so speaking of get-togethers, and I love to eat at it together, so I thought it would be fun to chat a little bit about comfort food, and what is your favorite and what memories does it evoke... It make it meaningful for you.


0:27:45.5 S1: You only have to be a comfort food or one... You consider greedy if you have more than one comfort food


0:27:51.6 S2: When it comes to a... I don't believe in green.


0:27:56.3 S1: There's no such thing


0:27:57.7 S2: As post. Interesting, so the YuMe. Good feature. So, Alright, Ron, and you know, I thought of you a lot with it, I know, I was just thinking whatever going makes is my conewago olive so many... I mean, food is a comfort for me in general, so food is just like extra comfort... I mean, probably my all-time biggest comfort food has baked mac and cheese, I love it so much. I make a million different varieties of it, my favorite one is with them, that it's really spice-like spicy corn bread topping with bacon crumbles up top is probably my favorite variation, but I love it so much like creamy, crunchy, rich, warm. It's great left over the next morning for breakfast... Start your day off, right? But one of my hesitations and breakfast strategies, Mari, have memories about it, comfort food or... I thought, what it is on, you know that sour cream and onion dip that you can get in the tanith, the pull off top of Cohen. I was in college, I lived... For junior, senior year, I lived with two of my best friends, and we lived like half a mile from the local gas station, which was in Lancaster County, speaking of your leaf peeping that we were talking about before.


0:29:26.7 S1: Yeah, I have a Pro, I have to show you later. Go ahead.


0:29:29.0 S2: Oh my God, I love it. So I went to college and I star Pennsylvania, and there was Turkey Hill was the brand of gas station, and they had two things that were just always amazing, one was that four Craven onion dip that came in the top, and the other was blue raspberry Susie's and some of my friends and I would get things of that sour cream and onion dip with... You gotta get the rifles with ridges potato chips, so there has Tenochtitlan, a blue as very sushi and it was like sweet and salty, and it was the perfect combination, and every time I even catch all with a one, I'm like, rebates, you wanna bear as very


0:30:10.4 S1: Sasha you can't have one without the other. Exactly. A complete the memory. Yeah, think mine would be meat loaf, and only because it's really good and I can't make it myself and I don't like it in restaurant, so the only time I eat it is when my mother makes it, and so every time I have to make it for me now, since I'm clearly not in her house, but whenever I call her and like, Hey, I really would like some meat love, she makes it, and it's funny because the others like this tip fretting, it's like, Oh okay, well, are you gonna make me some Seafoods like many you just deliver the meter time, Maisie, this whole kit for tax when I get it, when I get it, and I eat it, I'm always transported back to that little girl sitting in the dining room, I can smell in the morning when she starts to make this meat loaf, and it just takes me all the way back home, and I'm very, very nostalgic. And so any time I eat meat loaf, I'm always thinking of being back home, even though it's so weird, I'm never gonna move back home, but it's just that feeling of when you were younger and you didn't have pills, kids to take care of those...


0:31:29.7 S1: Feel that feeling.


0:31:31.1 S2: Yeah, yeah. That's a good feeling. My is.


0:31:35.0 S1: We've talked about it before, is a custard. And you guys really Wiegand it's... 'cause we went to Lancaster County is a... Was saying, Mr. X and I went leaving and we stopped... We actually, I forgot to show you this. We stopped at this... A farm stand or they have these apples and we were into Apple season, you get all the different apples, and so it's just like the three that would get in supermarket. This is a crystal Apple, as in my head, I was gonna say it's like... Is that like, Well, Danny, 'cause it's huge, it's huge. And at all of the apples with this size, and we've got some pairs, we made a pair Tartu, I also bought a little thing of Ed Custer that they had, because when I moved to the UK, I didn't have much money, and so I lived on really weird things like Eduard parts and poodles, which is a couple of noodles type thing, and I couldn't afford the... But they had this thing called QT, which is like a powdered tea, milk sugar mix that you just add water to and biscuits, my... Part of the board in my house here was like the college kids food, but my treat, whenever I got my pay packet was a custard tarts or a custard, and so that was my comfort.


0:32:48.6 S1: At the end of the two-week pay period, I would get my customer cars and put my name on like nobody touched this and they knew not to touch them, so whenever I see custard and how I make them, but now in every customer, I'm like, Let me try their custard and see if it reminds me of that, very few do, because it's a very specific texture, but this one is like... This is like I walked into Tesco on the high street and bought some custard tarts and stuff, it's so good. I've been eating it by tiny spoon cool since I bought it, 'cause I don't want it to go away because it's so good, but yeah, I... Lotteries


0:33:21.0 S2: Rain it been like face deep right away.


0:33:23.8 S1: Yeah, yeah, I just would have finished it and just... I won't have the memory... I'm a hoarder, I still have Easter candy. I have Cadbury mini chocolate eggs, the dark chocolate ones, because you can only get them one time once a year, so I buy three bags and I keep one until I close to the expiration date and then I start eating the Lieutenant, I'm saying I'm real nervous about like, This might expire. And so I'll buy candy for one season, we had over Halloween candy, and like November second, I was like, Alright, we gotta do this away, we gotta throw this away, like... It's nothing wrong with it. And I was like, Yeah, but Halloween is over. So that means the Kandy must be bad, is not bad. They're still selling it in the store, I'm like, Well, they sell anything in the store, so that I hated... There's use besant, the flavor starts to go away, used by a means, if you don't use a bite then tossing all kinds of stuff, I just like... No, that's a statistic. That's good. Close to the day, throwaway, my mother will have stuff in the free...


0:34:26.3 S1: Or she's like, Oh, you got freezers. Everything, everything, if we don't eat all of something from Thanksgiving dinner, it'll be February, she's like, Oh yeah, I took that out. The freezer had it. I was like, You have this since November either like it is... And I'm like.


0:34:42.9 S2: No, I eating chicken curry out of my freezer today with... I didn't realize I still had this awesome God-birthed popped it out, I was like, No, I don't have a good dinner.


0:34:55.1 S1: I have to be something like Mr. X doesn't eat cake, and so I remember Ron made me a cake a couple of years ago, this beautiful MOCA that was just amazing, but it was just me, there's no way I was gonna eat that entire cake and... So I cut it, I cut into slices and put the slices in the freezer, so I would just pull one out of a... No.


0:35:11.6 S2: Disappointed in you. And I can... That's that, but I could have eaten in a hot weekend, it... Dairying, I like it. That's good. So my comfort food, I have one that doesn't have a memory of... The one that does, I'll remember my big major comfort food is just that I love it more than life and... Okay, in the Midwest, sorry for anyone with delicate ears, we call it shit on a shingle, and it is a cream Chipper toast. It is not good for you in any way. And it's delicious, and I love it, and it is the thing that always makes me feel better. And you love it. I've seen that, I've seen them before. I do not actually know what cream chip beef is. Can you describe me either as was in Leon best in a clam sauce? That's what I was taking, I don't know, cohort


0:36:12.0 S1: In a cream sauce or something like that, I don't know how, but


0:36:16.0 S2: It is delicious and the serving packets from stoves, 'cause it's as close as I can get to it says it's for like... I don't know, three or four people. No, that's mine. And then when I buy it, I sort over two pieces of toast night, the whole thing, and I'm very, very happy. So there you go. There's that one, and then if you love me. You said me, Chibi provide the toast, I'm fancy. And then I love devil begs that eggs were always like good... They're delicious, and they're always... They were always at... If not every, it seemed like every family gathering we had, and we lived way apart from everybody else that was in our family, so it was always a treat to get to go see everybody else. So that was a big one for me, so my mom...


0:37:10.3 S1: To take it a bad rep, I don't know why they're always like the joke food and commented almost a dishes. So my husband eats crane shift chipped beef, he takes that little stop for his packet to work for his lunch, and he's always putting his little two slices of bread and his little was taking it to work, named... I never knew that it was called, she had won a shingle, but I tell you what, the very next time he makes it, I'm gonna say, God, I'm gonna say it it just as he takes the first, but I'm gonna say impolite


0:37:47.9 S2: Company that you all are policeman the employee company, we call it SOS...


0:37:53.8 S1: No, I'm gonna say it. I'm just going straight, I'll say it, and I'm sure he's gonna look at me like I've lost my mind, but...


0:38:02.1 S2: Very. Well, thank you. Now that we are all hungry... Right, right. I have to tell you guys a little bit about... We are part of the Romance Writers part of the product Podcast Network, which is an awesome, very fun group to be a part of, but we wanted to tell you a little bit about one of our fellow podcasts that are here on the network with us, and that is feminist without mistake a... It is a podcast where two best friends process politics, sex, and the unrelenting firehose bullshit in the news through an unapologetically feminist lens. Each week, they begin by venting about the news, it sounds like our conversations before we start recording the news, then they go deep on one important issue and then call out terrible things happening below the top sidelines in the segment called we see you. I love that. And then they end with something hopeful, with like a Roman Stoute could be so happy at the end. So there you go, you can check them out again, as someone who out mistake it is a podcast and they drop new episodes every Friday. I check them out. That sounds great.


0:39:12.6 S2: I haven't lost that. I'm excited too. Yeah. No, I love a good ventilator. I think we may have come to the end of our episode here on a... There so much for being with us. Do you wanna let our listeners know one more time, where can we find you on social media, do you have a book out or coming out that you


0:39:39.6 S1: Tell us about your others cover that you guys have to go find my... God.


0:39:45.5 S2: I'm sorry, I'll look it up. I'm sorry. So


0:39:48.7 S1: Yeah, I just had a release the after party, which is... It's not technically my first women's fiction women's fiction 100 years ago, so I'm calling it my new DB women's fiction, which is a little different, a lot different from the romance that I usually write, and it was inspired by two movies that I really, really love nine to five and girl strip. WEEI love the friendship. In both of the stories, I felt like Girls Trip gave me a much deeper look into the friendship, but every time I watch it to five, I've always wondered what happened later, like what have... They give you this little snippet about six months later, her or whatever, but did they stay friends forever, do they keep meeting up at the ball offer... Happy all. Did they talk about killing another boss and so... I wanted to write a story like that. I wanted to write a story where I just went a little bit further than, your boss is a creek and now he's dead. And so that's what I did with the after party, and I'm so excited about it, the fantastic... I'm excited about the cover, I wish I could show you, but it's on Amazon.


0:41:03.3 S1: Well, you can visit my site, AC Arthur dot com, and I'm everywhere on social media as actor books. A, thank you so much. I'm really excited to read it and the cover is gorgeous, everyone should go check it out. So thank you, thank you, thanks for having me to do...


0:41:21.6 S2: I absolutely thank you for giving such great advice, and thank you to everyone listening for hanging out with us for another episode of Dear romance, Reuter. Remember, send us your questions. I'm not kidding, sequestration, Give us your problem is a Roman dot com and fill out our Antonio with your question. You can hit us up on any social media platform and DNA or IMS, we would love, love love to hear any questions that you have. So we cannot wait to give you some more questionable advice from this trio, actually for some today of happily ever after enthusiast. So thank you so much for subscribing to Dear romance writer. Remember to keep something in those letters and dermatitis dot com, you can't wait to tell you what to do. Your romance writer is part of the frolic Podcast Network. Find more podcasts. You love framed podcast?

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