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0:00:11.6 S1: Welcome to Dear romance writer, were three writers who always deliver heavily over after offer questionable advice for all of your relationship, work and life problems. I'm Zora, I'm a very


0:00:23.1 S2: Fun and I am run parish. We've got a great show for you today with the fabulous Christina lower friend, so tell us a little bit about yourselves.


0:00:32.6 S1: And just in case you guys are listening and not watching, and you don't live in romance, and with the rest of us, Christina Lauren is actually two folks, so now you're not here to


0:00:42.3 S2: Say... So go ahead and heretical you guys.


0:00:49.9 S1: I am Christina of Christine Lauren. I am the lore and a half, and we have been co-writers since 2009, we met writing plan fiction, and we decided at some point is to write a book together, like it would be that easy. And here we are a


0:01:07.9 S2: Ismaili.


0:01:11.4 S1: I have to know which fan fiction world where you guys... And so we met in Twilight, but we were both writing and I had been writing fix and Sid was probably 13 writing Days of Our Lives, and


0:01:24.7 S2: I like, I love you.


0:01:29.9 S1: And I wrote fluffy and Alias and games, and I don't know, I just write Pickford and each show that I like crash landing on you, like you name it, so... Wow. Plight was my first fandom, I did not know how to write before I start writing frantic, I didn't even know where the quotation mark went before...


0:01:49.5 S2: After the perianth Cama. And the great thing about Socrates is they will tell you.


0:01:56.2 S1: Oh no, I guess they will.


0:02:00.4 S2: Absolutely learn a night. Yeah, I like to read...


0:02:05.3 S1: I've never actually written any... How about you, Ron? I have to... 'cause I know CEO has written, I still retain. Still does. That's awesome.


0:02:15.7 S2: I've never written any, although I've started reading fan fiction, not realizing that's what I was doing once when I was in... As a child, I was a huge Lord of the Rings fan. So huge, super nerd. And when I was in college in the early 2000s, that was the first time I had a computer on. The first time I had unfettered access to the internet and I... Like any good nerd was Googling back story of certain Lord of The Riga characters like you do on a Saturday night, and I came across this whole website of stories and I was like, Wait, there are other published stories in The Lord of the Rings world, and I haven't read them, what is happening? And I clicked on one and I was like, I don't think legalist... And Kimble did that. And I tomatoes, exactly, that was exactly what it was, is I opened it up. And within the first paragraph, I was like, This is gas, fuck. First of all, this is a US all this subtext calling it sometimes I sustainable not first, I was impressed 'cause I was like, I can talk in... He was a pretty religious Catholic, I think, maybe not super liberal, and then I quickly realized what was going on, and so I didn't know that pantries a thing at all, I knew was that I had to see a website that I went to sometimes to read stories about Lord of the Rings, and that I didn't tell anyone about it because I didn't actually know what I had stumbled on.


0:03:55.5 S2: So that's like I... Gaylord


0:03:58.7 S1: Of The Rings website that you visited. To be happy.


0:04:01.9 S2: That's what I relate website Berthold have that secret website. I think that's a good one. Of all the secret websites that I could find on my kids per house or history, that would be the one that I would appreciate most. Yeah, I'd be like, Go ahead. Yeah, go ahead. Other fan fiction, once I learned what it is, and there are lots that I enjoy, but the beginnings of it were like a mystery, even to myself.


0:04:29.9 S1: Is I didn't know it existed either until I re-wrote an episode of Buffy that pissed me off. Yeah, and then I went online to find out more about the show that I hadn't been watching really, and then I stumbled upon my journals Fandom.


0:04:43.8 S2: Which is an...


0:04:45.0 S1: A was a huge fan of... It was fun. Yeah, yeah, we're protein there together and didn't know...


0:04:52.3 S2: I know, right? I mean, that's how I got into a Twilight fan fiction as I read the books almost like vampires, one smart goal, and then I got to the last one and I was like, I still wanted them to being much more definitively, but I was like, I still write this look myself. You know, I didn't read any of the Twilight books, but I watched the first Twilight movie like wine drunk and by myself in my living room, 'cause it was fall, Jack was deployed, and my kids all went to bed at like 7 o'clock at night, it was the early part of that, and so I'm wearing tips sitting on my couch and we got to that point with the big bitter reveal, I fell off my couch, I laugh so hard, it was like the best laugh that I'd had in like eight months now, when you have three kids.


0:05:43.0 S1: And one of them is a new born and your husband's deployed


0:05:46.0 S2: Last 10 codependent.


0:05:52.6 S1: I appreciated that so incredibly much, that was... I loved it. That was funny, there are a lot of writers that came out of it more like and... Oh yeah, so many Buffy to actually... Yeah, very Potter and Harry Potter. Yeah, absolutely. Well, I guess we should get on to the questionable advice giving part of the LA have a really good letter for this episode, and it's actually from her evil.


0:06:22.5 S2: We do a lot of... Yeah, thank you for sending in a letter to you, We're sorry, your life is trash right now, but we appreciate your letter.


0:06:32.0 S1: This is from Amanda, and Amanda says, Dear romance writer, I'm 32 and have yet to experience passion or attraction to another person, I'm wondering if it's a lost cause at this point, I feel my heart skip a beat when I read in... Watch chemistry on TV. My parents have a fond this for each other and are still married 32 years and counting, my sister likes her husband mostly, both make me feel like they settled or fell into these relationships and just never tried to find more... Do you believe in AGA actually exists in the world? Am I holding out for something that doesn't exist, sign hope was Romantica musi. Love


0:07:10.8 S2: This letter, and I'll just for framing. I'll start... Hit the ground running. I love this letter so much because I feel like there's so much discussion recently, it's happened before, but it's like recurred recently of this idea that romance novels set people up for unrealistic expectations, and I feel like usually the way the discourse goes is in a pretty heteronormative way where it's like, woman who reads lots of romance novels actually wants to be treated halfway decently, man, that she goes on a date with is like.


0:07:44.6 S1: Well, I hear you're a romance fan, so of course you expect things like decency and pleasure, and obviously you deserve either of them.


0:07:52.0 S2: Seems like that's the most recent iteration that I've seen, so I love this question because it seems like it's someone who's questioning it themselves and being like, Okay, but wait, have I drunk the Kool-Aid in some way? And I wanna start by definitively saying, happily ever after is 100% exists, in my opinion, they don't know what... Look like what we expect. But even if they don't exist, that's no reason not to still go after one with every single fiber of your being, in my opinion, and


0:08:23.4 S1: It might not look like a happily ever after... Every second of your life moving forward. Right. I mean, I am very happily married, I cannot imagine being married to anyone but my husband, and there are days where I'm like, I wouldn't mind if he lived next door, but you still let him stay next door, that is why he could still help our kids with math and work, that would be fine, but I adore him and he is absolutely my tea, and so I think sometimes we have this expectation that once the book ends, those characters just are like Banting and laughing and having hot sex every single day for the rest of their lives, that piece is unrealistic because life through His Cromwell that you have to deal with, and sometimes you're stressed.


0:09:10.7 S2: And we don't really write about those parts, we woke up and we were very, very respectful to each other, it does not really make for a page turning e. But also, I think they said they were 32. 32 is young. 32 is young.


0:09:26.9 S1: We live in this world where we're like, they're 40 and they look so young, and it's like 40... Not that old. 32 is young. You have tons of time. I have a friend who's just 34 and the virgin and has never been in a serious relationship before. And part of it is 'cause she just doesn't really put herself in places where those things might happen, like you might find somebody if you're just at home every night, not doing anything to meet people, so maybe look at that the things you're doing and who you're with, but absolutely, AJS exists, but like losant just might not look like what you think it does... Yeah, even the two examples that she gave, they might be gay, have a conversation with your sister about her relationship and say, Hey, is this what you thought it was going to be? And you might get some insight into, yeah, it's not rainbows and puppies all the time, but I can't see what we say, I can't see my life any other way, like this is my person, and so he may... Like you said, it look different than what you've imagined, but that doesn't mean that...


0:10:37.4 S1: It doesn't mean that the grand romantic gestures that we meet about and write about don't exist, they do, they just don't happen every single day for a multi-decade. Could you imagine how exhausting that you expensive.


0:10:51.3 S2: Don't think A.


0:10:54.5 S1: You see the flow truck rolling by your house, you go away to


0:11:01.6 S2: A... Yeah.


0:11:02.7 S1: I would like a couple of things to point out. Number one, I think sometimes, especially when you're in close relationships, whether it's like your friends or like a sister relationship or something like that, sometimes you are the vent, so it may be that that somebody else's relationship doesn't look like that much of an aha to you, simply because you're the one that basically is there to listen to them, Vettel, if you're single, and they don't wanna be like, Here's my amazing relationship all the time. Right.


0:11:34.0 S2: Yes, exactly. So it could be a little of that.


0:11:36.7 S1: So again, Ron is the queen of saying This, communicate, communicate. So yeah, talking... Ask Leo said, I think that was a really great idea. The other thing that... About this letter that I think as we're talking about, is she says she... Amanda says that she has not been really physically attracted to somebody or in a relationship and all of those, and I think that that is... But... That she gets the heart Petter patterns and all that stuff from reading romance. And I think that sometimes what gets missed is that sexuality is such a complete spectrum, and there are spectrums within spectrums, it's like sexuality, not you.


0:12:24.8 S2: Okay, it just smells good. Sexier it is. Soan


0:12:35.2 S1: It may be that you are somewhere or that Amanda is somewhere on the A spectrum and you can be within that spectrum and maybe not, and maybe enjoy and get the heart putter, pats and all that stuff from reading books, but not in real life. It could be a demersal situation, where you have to be emotionally attached to somebody before you feel that, and like Christina said, If you are not putting yourself out there or not in situations where you interact with a bunch of people, it can be hard to make those emotional connections to even get to that place where you might be sexually attracted to somebody, so that's something you know, maybe at least to look into and remanded to read about a little bit too, is to say, Hey, Jim, I somewhere here within the spectrum. And is that me or is it just not me at all, is it just I'm surrounded by losers and assholes.


0:13:34.0 S2: Which... You know, that can happen too.


0:13:36.1 S1: I think that if you're talking about a situation where you are identifying with the demi sexual descriptions and you do need that emotional connection, just to loop back to the age when you're 32, You're not in school usually anymore, sometimes you are... I don't know her situation specifically, and it is harder to meet people because you're not necessarily in the same kinds of communities where people are like... Sharing interests and whatnot. And so, you know what I have told a couple of my friends recently who are single and trying to figure out ways to dates like join clubs, do things locally, and join a rec sports team, if you do that, join a Book Club, find some community activities where you can meet people that you have things in common with, because if you do need that emotional connection first, that's a really good way to connect with somebody and to find a way into a relationship that might turn into more... And if it doesn't, that's still fine, 'cause then you're just making friends who have the same interest... Yeah, also tends to put big expectations on certain ages, so like by 30, you're supposed to have all of your shit together, you're supposed to have a house and offense and a entertainment, a significant other, and all of this stuff, and it just...


0:14:50.8 S1: It doesn't work like that. You know, so sometimes we take on those expectations that are attached to a number that don't really mean... Squat, it's true. And I actually think that's those societal expectations that can sometimes lead to what might be going on with her parents or her sister, 'cause she could be be right. That they settled. And I actually think a lot of people do. And one of the things that makes me sadder than almost anything is to see amazing, cool people who felt that pressure and then settle for people who don't deserve them, and it happens for a million reasons, societal pressure, past abuse that comparatively make someone look great just because they're nice to you, a lack of self-confidence, so that anyone who likes you, you think like, Well, I better shoot my shatter, I might miss out on it, there are a million reasons why people end up with sucky partners who are not good enough for them, and they're too scared or comfortable or whatever, there being alone is a big thing to eat, it's so powerful. And so if your parents and your sister, letter writer have just settled and you can see it looks like they like each other mostly, but it's not a great passion, there are people who care more about having a partner, even if it's just sort of so so...


0:16:09.5 S1: Or friendly, but not passionate, they care more about that than about having to be alone, and then they prefer it, and then there are some people, and I definitely fall into this category who I would rather be alone my entire life, then have to spend time with someone intimately who I just feel so so about, which is why I was single for so long as I was kind of a... Explains why you don't come visit me...


0:16:35.2 S2: He comes to... Doesn't mean the... Yeah, the case, I don't care if you guys were in the same city and I'm an hour away...


0:16:42.7 S1: No, that's nice being in the same city, so... Aren't you jealous? I'm very jealous. But yeah, I feel like that is a thing sometimes is figuring out for yourself, are you someone who... What you want most is a passionate, hugely loving, not perfect, but that romance-ha, is that what you're going for, and you don't wanna settle for anything else, and you're okay with playing the field or being by yourself or having close friends and family, but not a partner until you find that person, or do you feel like you really want someone to share those things with and you're willing to kind of settle for less than that in order to have a partner, and it's not like one of those is good and bad, or what is bad, it's like for each individual person, that is a calculus that you do differently, and I think it's really valuable to know your own calculus because then you'll approach any potential partner with what I'm looking for is someone who blows my mind with desire and delight, or what I'm looking for is someone pretty chill who I could get along with, I can go on vacation with or whatever, we did you guys not say before we started recording that you were looking for a book title, I think desire and desire.


0:17:54.3 S2: I just wanna throw it. Imputa, I take Bayanihan a eye.


0:18:10.8 S1: They get the real mishmash. My goodness, I think the bottom line with this letter is that No, Amanda, it is not a lost cause, no, there's so much hope in the world, and you'll find yourself... You'll find your person or your people... You'll find it. You'll find it, don't worry. Don't worry. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but if it's something you wanna put yourself out there, you know, one of my favorite things irons ever said on the podcast a couple of times, I think we had it just state yourself out on a date, treat yourself... Find out what you like. What turns you on? It doesn't... Yeah, so there's this YouTuber who I am super obsessed with, it's like a farm stutter and the the county called roots and refuge, but the gardener is just... Were laughing at me, so I love gardening so much, but she has the same that I think is so beautiful and kind of applies here, she says, Turn your waiting room into a classroom, so if you can't have the same yet, so then it's... Bonds are... Don't just waste your life until you get there to figure out what are the things that you can figure out before you have that ultimate dream so that you're ready for it when it comes.


0:19:27.7 S1: And I know it seems weird to think of teaching yourself things about how you want to date, that seems like a strange thing, but I feel like the dating yourself is like when you go on a date with... Say there is out there the perfect ha partner for you, you're happily ever after. If you go on a date with that person, will you recognize them? Well, you even know or have you not actually done the work yet to know yourself well enough, or to figure out what your dream life is, or to know This is my perfect Sunday, or I'm not a Cutler while I sleep, or do you know those things about yourself enough that you can ask the right questions, have the right conversations to even recognize that true love when it comes your way, and if not dating yourself is a great way to figure it out, I think what really moves you... What are you moved by... What is cheesy it? If someone ever saying a song that they wrote for you, you would melt and die, or


0:20:23.9 S2: I insist of us are like you and I... I eternity that's M-A... It's like actual nightmare.


0:20:31.0 S1: So I tientsin a song for you all to...


0:20:34.6 S2: But now I feel I just like, No, I'm just putting me in a way it... For mine, I just don't ever do it. Don't ever pull it out in a restaurant over denaturation at wedding or something. We do it to Gosforth


0:20:51.2 S1: Mobs. Okay, oh my goodness.


0:20:53.6 S2: So, Amanda, thank you so much for sending in your letter, we appreciate it, we are all rooting for that tea for you. Yes, and


0:21:03.1 S1: I don't think any of us think that it has... Are a bunch of Hosea up now or forever, hold your peace? Well, even if your happily ever after is ultimately with yourself, the pursuit of it is never a waste of time, most of you pursuing it, like Maureen said, you'll be getting out of your house and doing stuff and it won't feel as pressurized, and all of that good stuff. So we are introducing a new part of the podcast for changing up our format just a little bit, we are including a little chat thing where we get to talk to our and each other about... Just sort of something out there. And all of us are currently in relationships, but I thought it would be kind of fun to talk a little bit, because obviously Christine and Lauren have been together since 2009, co-writing, which I'm sure always goes perfectly and every one in a Northerner communication, they agree on everything, their writing is unicorn parks and Cloud, so it's beautiful. So I wanna talk about productive fighting, because I saw something the other day and it was an article, and I'm trying to remember where it was, I think it was in The Atlantic, and maybe it was the New York Times.


0:22:27.4 S2: I don't remember anyway.


0:22:28.4 S1: I promise it's real, it exists. And they were talking about the difference between going to that made the old advice, do you know with your partner, you're so Conner somebody you work with, whoever it is, and never go to bed mat. And this was saying that advice is a bunch of shit, and that what it is saying is what it was recommending was to schedule several times a year... One, you're gonna be so happy. Schedule several times a year.


0:23:03.5 S2: Basically, a relationship review. I even be happy. So if it just is like hell to me, so was using it like, This is a life. And so when the husband would do something that would drive her not... She had like a lot notebook and she wrote it in a... I don't know if I agree with that. So basically what it was, is it the pressure after the person's feeling like they were being attacked all the time, and they were emotionally prepared to go into a conversation about, Hey, here's what's going on here's... Can we change this? Can we do that? So I want to know how you all productively fight with each other, because I don't know that I could do that because I would want shit fixed right away is like the... I'm not a patient at a


0:23:57.4 S1: Earnest being on more. Third, you did this. June first, you did this. I'd be like old. Before.


0:24:05.6 S2: To me, I think that's actually the opposite of what... I shouldn't have cheered. I silently, he cared for anyone to go back to a... Tinashe likes the scheduled communications... Yes, I love a schedule communication that takes the pressure off, but I feel like that's sort of the opposite of it because it's like... What's the word? Aren't officially forcing you to supplement any anger or to them up with things to talk about that you might not really that invested in... Yeah, and so weird to not get something dealt with or have someone say something that is so mad and instead of saying, Hey, I didn't love that, you're like waiting to... Reeve, you guys had to do. Burst


0:24:55.4 S1: Will not surprise you to know that the question Christine, I get asked the most is, do we fight? And it's really... Heli think people love the idea of us just secretly having this friction that isn't visible from the surface, and the boring answer is it's probably the healthiest relationship of my life, like we fight like you would with a spouse or a sister or a best friend, but it's very rarely about anything having to do with the books, and it doesn't ever stick... Part of that is because we do talk all the time, and we know each other so well at this point that if she's irritated, I can read it in a text, even if her answer is just okay, even if she replies with just an okay, I'm like, Oh, she's pissed. And


0:25:42.8 S2: You're like, Oh no. And so we just fix it because the thing is, there's no individual that you go here.


0:25:50.3 S1: I don't need to be right. She doesn't need to be right, Christina, Lauren has to get it right, right. So it doesn't make sense for us to be like, Hey, your punitive about things because that's not productive at all for our working relationship or the fact that we're best friends, so our answer is actually really boring. We just talk all the time. I don't think that's boring at all, I think that's actually really hard to do and easy to push off is... I don't wanna make a big deal out of that, or you know what I mean?


0:26:21.4 S2: So I think that's actually really helpful. What was raised by therapists, and I was absolutely not... No, whenever he get emotional, I'm a little bit like a... Likert you do


0:26:38.0 S1: It is the thing. You do the work. I think that's what matters is you don't have to like it. Nobody likes going to therapy at first, do you know what I mean? Nobody likes having hard conversations at first, unless you're a narcissist, narcissist, really love therapy, but it's hard to have conversations about things that are... You don't feel good, and the thing is... We do it anyway, and I think that that's the thing, is you just have to have those hard conversations.


0:27:03.2 S2: It... Well.


0:27:04.1 S1: And I think also it can be a little bit harder to do it. Sometimes it's easier to tell somebody off that you don't give a shit about, it's harder to have a hard conversation with somebody that you do care about, and you have to worry, Well, I don't wanna hurt their feelings, but I also wanna do what needs to be done and have the conversation that needs to be had and all of that, they're also


0:27:25.1 S2: A orientation, what do you do this to...


0:27:26.6 S1: Is also like, I don't wanna let them know that they hurt my feelings too, some say, okay. And then Burt, and then test. No, I like the idea. I love her own idea of scheduling check-ins, and she let you guys don't know, but we've had a couple of conversations about this, we're on said Make a date night, or it doesn't have to be like a special occasion to make a time where you sit down and I say, Hey, no. Are you cool? Everything's good, How are we? I love this, I don't particularly like that, just sort of like when no one's emotional and high tempered, so that this is just a nice easy conversation, and I love that idea more than keeping a notebook and Burn...


0:28:05.7 S2: I'm gonna call that diverse Burnett exactly what I ate. I think it would just make me laugh, it's like having a quarterly roast of each other, so you imagine... But also you... At sometimes you have things a bug you in the moment and you might write it down and then you would later go through it and be like, This doesn't matter at all.


0:28:25.8 S1: So


0:28:26.3 S2: That part's true. That's the part that's true.


0:28:31.8 S1: I will say with Jack and I, what we tend to do, we don't fight very often for as much as we disagree about so many things, but what we will do because I have the inability to have upset conversations without crying, which makes me... Drives me crazy. It's not a play.


0:28:55.9 S2: It's not gathering zips, it's just... Honestly, it just like, I'm an angry crier, I just sound... And so, yeah, I had it. We have in the past couple of times that something has happened, and I love Jack to de... We've been married for 21 years, but I married Irish is what I say. So key is not super communicative, he's not super touchy-feely, which is awesome because I like that, 'cause I'm kind of like Christina, I'm like You feelings, but we have communicated via iCloud notes, so I had enormous for every couple... So we have one that's called communication, and it's a shared note and I win, I always start them because it's always me... I'm not gonna lie. It's always me. So I'll be like, This hurt my feelings. And here's why, and this is what I would prefer if you did. Instead, and then five minutes later, I'll hear club Callahan, he hooks his head in my office and he's like... I don't mean that, I'm sorry. It's like the end of it. I mean, well, I've already divorced him four times in my head, and what if the whole life as a single woman and all of these things, so yes.


0:30:13.9 S2: So I highly recommend before and divorce your husband in your head, or stop being friends with somebody to send a letter or an email or a text if it's easier... I love that. I think that's so legitimate that sometimes the manifestation of emotion doesn't match the internal feeling, but we're still attuned to watching someone's face on how someone's acting, that we have a hard time hearing what they're saying, it's why I really don't like being yelled at, and so even if someone's making a valid point, if they're yelling it at me, I completely shut down and I'm not listening, and I have actually said to my dad as a teenager, I am not hearing anything you're saying, so you can either stop yelling at me or I'm not hearing it and... 'cause I just can't, I don't like it. But I think that if you're an angry crier or whatever version of that, to be able to divorce the look of the feeling from the actual thing is so super useful, I feel like that's a great... That's a great hack. And I loved what you said so much more about that you don't have to be right, and Christina doesn't have to be right, but Christina...


0:31:26.7 S2: Lauren has to be right, and I think that's such a beautiful way to describe a partnership, and I feel that... I think that's the idea that I would like about fighting with my girlfriend is like, I don't wanna care about being right, and I don't want her to care about being right, I want us to have the outcome that is right. And I think that's such a beautiful reminder that in a fight, ego is almost always detrimental if it's personal, whereas your shared goals as a couple as a... A team, as a group, whatever are almost always positive. But you also know in saying that that you don't wanna be in a relationship with somebody that you can't fight with...


0:32:08.1 S1: Right. So we don't like to fight, none of us like to fight, right, but you also don't wanna be in a relationship with someone that you're not safe fighting with, they're safe disagreeing with, because if you sin and I never argued about anything that would be that one of us, maybe both of us were always giving in or didn't truly believe in what it was, we were doing a timeline, but if you accept that you are going to fight with a significant other and that you are going to have to work through hard times, it almost makes it easier because it's like, Okay, this is a normal process for us, we are not broken in this moment, we just have to talk it through and figure out how we can both feel okay, that... And it's normal. It's so normal. You can love somebody and love them to death and still occasionally wanna murder on a tool


0:33:04.3 S2: All the time. I'm super neurotic, I am a lot to take and she is very laid back, Low and I are very, very different, low, like scheduled and planned and likes to sort of be in charge and I don't want any of those things, and so it might seem like maybe I'm the most easy going, but on that day notes, there are times... She'll go, What do you want to eat? And I'll go, I don't care. And she hates that. So it's like those things that make our relationship work or sometimes the things that we have to be like... When I ask you what you want, I want you to tell me, which is when he is my daughter, she's almost 21 and she's almost the same way I am in that way. And I've said the same thing for... That law says to me, Hey, when I ask you what you want, I'm asking because I want to know when to know... That's like when you say, Hey, I'm going to the grocery store. What do you want of the usual one?


0:33:59.4 S1: No, no, yeah, I Ergo. In my third book, yeah, I've been ready for 207 years. And low and I communicate way better than me and my husband, because I think we put just as much work into our relation, our friendship as we do our business, and I don't think there are many people that can say that about the relationship or whatever... I mean, it was also the case that our business relationships would have preceded the friendship, not entirely like... They kind of grew up together. So I didn't know each other very well when we start either for a two weeks when we started writing together, they were really just like, this could be fun, Weiland. Also, we were just super lucky that it just... It ended up being so complementary, it took a ton of work, we've worked very hard on a relationship, but we're also just really lucky that we were different in the right ways, it... Providers, each


0:34:58.2 S2: Norwell, gosh, Christina, Lauren, Christina and Loren and Christian, so much for hanging out with us in giving advice, we really love having you and thank you, of course, to everyone listening, remember to send in your letters and we can't wait to give you some questionable advice from our trio of happily ever after enthusiasts, so Christina load, do you wanna tell everyone where they can find somewhere like a AECOM out next for you, a latest one. I'm holding it up to the camera.


0:35:28.8 S1: The article.


0:35:31.3 S2: Thank you so much for having us.


0:35:33.4 S1: This was really fun. You guys are... You have a great dynamic. Yeah, so so mad equation came out in May, and you can get that anywhere. And one that I was about, 2 20, 2-22.


0:35:45.9 S2: That's right. Or


0:35:47.5 S1: Material now, and if you guys want a good holiday read, we have in holidays which came out last October, and so we're getting cozy and all ready, so that might be a good one to pick up now, now the store will be open yesterday... I'm so sorry, it's


0:36:08.8 S2: A... We have a book coming out in May. It's like a play on Romancing the Stone


0:36:14.9 S1: At The Hangover meets like cities like, Oh, we...


0:36:21.7 S2: Teahouse, what was the book title? We came up for you guys. But you desire and delight the housing the bone. Did we not biota one? I like to come by is to podcast for that fund. I think that's worthwhile. And I EPR marketing person just went, Oh, that's amazing to... I don't know, I could be done on a cover somewhere, I know.


0:37:00.8 S1: Oh my God, yes. What's really scary though? It would be like a cozy mystery, and it would be a dog.


0:37:07.2 S2: It would be A... It would be totally like I ran it on her one with like a cassette, miss, you rewrite it is all yours. You can have it. We won't be able to use it at soundly.


0:37:21.8 S1: Find you were before you got Eeyore at Christina Lauren on Twitter and Instagram, and Christine larks on Facebook. We have a group on Facebook that silo and friends. It's a really fun place. It is, it is cool. Thank


0:37:35.9 S2: You guys so much.


0:37:36.9 S1: We really, really appreciate it. Which was a lot of fun.


0:37:39.8 S2: So good, thanks you guys. Thank you so much for subscribing to Dear romance writer. Remember to keep sending in those letters, idea, romance writer, dot com, we can't wait to tell you what to do. Dear romance writer is part of the frolic Podcast Network. Find more podcasts you love, framed podcast.

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