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0:00:11.1 S1: Welcome to Dear romance writer, where three writers who always deliver happily ever after offer questionable advice for all of your relationship, work and life problems. I'm Xio.


0:00:23.1 S2: Hi, Avery Flynn. I'm Roan parish, and we have a great show for you today, and I am personally deeply excited because


0:00:30.4 S1: It is all about how we invest


0:00:33.4 S2: And we dressed up for you...


0:00:35.2 S1: Yes, this is my floor, you watching a girl has no costume, because I forgot to put my costume out, so this is my Y... I am a painting for those of you who are watching because


0:00:46.8 S2: I am not as hole who asked if we could wear costumes and then 100% for... Got mine, and I'm the asshole who shows up at the costume party actually at a cost is so great.


0:01:01.2 S1: You do it, you know.


0:01:02.0 S2: But it's out of my closet, so it was sort of last minute, I will look at... I have matching cat lady to JAMA that matched my little thing and my little IAs, and I've never worn the mass before, so... There you go. Hopefully it's comfortable. It's not bad as I live. I live. I'll keep me together. Are you gonna hold the picture friend the whole time? No, I was actually just gonna say, Imagine me, and that should be like this going forward, 'cause I'm putting the shit down now... I love it, I love it. Alright, so you'll... Again, has been a week, and we're very excited to be with you guys. Chat and Halloween. Okay, I can see this with the group beforehand, but I do have a good idea so far, instead of discussing what has happened this week, I would like to know what are some of your favorite howling costumes you wore growing up as a child? 'cause I always find this fascinating, I'll start a Mets Mom rarely showed. But she did. So some of my housing costumes, like one year I was a cheetah something, I had a jail, I was super excited by it, and unfortunately, I grew up in the Midwest, so nine times out of 10 you were tricky treating with your code on and it sucked.


0:02:28.3 S2: But the best costume was she made me a butterfly cost in one time with huge... Okay, I was probably seven humongous-ly wings, and I had trouble sitting down the entire day at school, they were so big, and I was both very annoyed and so incredibly thrown about that costume all the same time. So those are my two favorites. Growing up. How about John?


0:02:55.3 S1: Awesome. I didn't go trick or treating, I wasn't allowed to trick a treat, but I was invited to a Halloween party, I must have been on fifth or six... Sixth grade, and we have something in Philly called the mummers, which every New Year's Day, there's a huge price, like the oldest nears parade in the country or something like that, but these men, mostly men get dressed up in these really fancy costumes, there's feathers and sequins and his gold lame and whatever their team is, and somehow my grandmother got a hold of an old members costume, and it was... It was a Goldman suit, like jacket pants, and this really elaborate headpiece that weighed 30 pounds that had like fake pearls and all kinds of stuff glued to and everything, but it was like four feet tall, like... No kidding, no. Tani, go to this party and I have the thing on and I'm trying to balance it on my head, and I had it on for maybe 30 seconds after I walk through the door that everybody could see it, and then I took it off, I heard they were like, Where did you get that from? Like, Wow, you know, it's a mascot, it was like a big deal, some over has cost to that she felt, you know, just that.


0:04:04.1 S1: Cool. Yeah, but when I got older than when I was allowed to decide for myself whether I want to dress up for Halloween, I was always a vampire, I was very pro for 10 years, Streetlights like my go-to costume... Well, yeah, they say you dress up like what you actually wanna be... Right.


0:04:22.9 S2: Variously on, I don't know. In the past couple of years, I don't think I'd wanna live forever. So I'm just gonna put that out there. That would be detrimental in mortality at this point in time... Yeah.


0:04:34.9 S1: It nonpoint, what's your...


0:04:37.0 S2: That's a bad moment.


0:04:38.0 S1: It's a bad moment and to be like any of us, but immortality right before the World is obviously heading towards staggering apocalypse.


0:04:48.6 S2: It might be bad timing. Alright, how about you, Rome? When I was a kid, I have always loved Halloween, but I like you a very... Grew up in Michigan, or in the Midwest, and in Michigan, it was always very cold, and so it was always a matter of like, Are you gonna have to wear the park because it's actively snowing, or can you get away with just the Pico, which may be... You could put a cost on top of... So I was never as enthusiastic about the costume part because he usually got covered, but I did have a pirate costume that I was quite fond of a war for several years that with the raggedy cut bottom, my parents also did not, so... So this was like, Get it at Walmart of costume struck and tights and one of those tri-corn hat and a hook for a hand, which now I'm like, That's actually pretty messed up, but I loved it as a child, and I... One year, I decided that I wanted to make my own costume because I saw other kids whose parents made costumes or who did elaborate things, and I was a heart, but just the shape of a heart.


0:05:58.5 S2: So I got a poster board and red and pink and white, and I cut different kinds of hearts out, and I made it almost like one of those boards that people wear when they're selling stuff for it hung on the front and then went over my shoulders and the same thing hung on the back, and then I had a similar problem to your wings where I got to school and I was very pleased with myself, I couldn't sit down, it was... I had to take it off every time, and then of course, the shoulder things would rip and then when I got home and it was time to actually go to her treating, I couldn't wear a jacket over it, I couldn't wear a jacket under it, and so I think I just ditched it for the ticker treating part abut then as in college, one of my... I had two of my favorite Allen costumes ever. For one of them, you have to understand that when I was in college, I had really long here last leg hair, and so I rented it all up and made it its curls and I went a slashes, I had my hair all my face in a top hat and just like a cigarette hanging out of my mouth and really tight jeans, that was a great costume.


0:07:03.7 S2: And my second favorite from college was, I want a Harry at this by one year, so like braids and red washer jacket, and I had the composition look at everything, and it was great because my friends and I just ended up getting messed up and writing notes to each other back and forth in my Hartshorne and... Well, and I think that's one of those costumes where you can kind of figure out who are the really nearly cool people and who's looking at me, go, Why didn't you dress up? So I think that I like those. Those are some of my favorites where you gotta put some little think, I think to it. Yeah, so for this episode, you guys, we're really excited to hang out with you, and we do not have our usual letter because we wanted to go all in on Halloween because we are all fans personally, it's a holiday that involve candy, so I'm always gonna be a fan of any holiday that most candy. So we've got a couple of different chat topics that we wanna talk about, and I'm kicking us off with surviving a zombie apocalypse. Would you and your partner survive, or would you be the first company...


0:08:15.7 S2: Say.


0:08:16.0 S1: I love this question because I feel like there are so many ways to think about it. There are ways of actual practical skills that you and your partner have, but also how would your relationship manifest during a zombie apocalypse, which I think could be its own impediment or...


0:08:37.8 S2: Yes, it's like the Amazing Race, except for with that... Right, because you do, you're using your life skills there, it's a highly stressful situation. Yeah, so you didn't answer the question though. Okay.


0:08:55.6 S1: Would you guys


0:08:56.7 S2: Sort... Was my time a classic survival techniques on on a log down? Let's not forget, zombies are slow.


0:09:08.5 S1: At least as represented in those media most or... Okay.


0:09:12.7 S2: Here's what I think about the zombie apocalypse, and me and my girlfriend Timmy, who I will now just call to me, I think we would do pretty well.


0:09:22.8 S1: I think that we are both extremely determined and very driven by someone telling us that we can't do something so I feel like both of us would have a strong survival instinct and a strong kind of like we just... We honestly wanna Get the fuck away from people even who aren't zombies, so I think Adam, the flesh eating would only be a greater investigate buck away.


0:09:52.5 S2: Yeah, I think that would work well. She's a very highly stressful job and is used to like taking on great amounts of stress, so I think that that would serve her well. I am a very creative thinker, so I feel like I could probably come up with plans to build them all up... There you go. Needs to happen. Yeah, so yeah, you guys would at least get through the first round of the Apocalypse... Yeah, yeah, yeah. Alright, that's pretty good. How about you sort your...


0:10:28.1 S1: We would definitely survive and thrive, our survival instinct are a really strong or strong... In both of us, I am a forger, so I'm not a hunter, I'm not a nut, great at building things, he is really great at building things, and we went away to Cape Cod recently and he foraged mushrooms, so he knows what you can eat and can't eat and berries and things like that, so that's him. Me, I'd be like the first signs of is Don't be a popular... I'd be at the store, like stocking up on whatever I can find, figuring out What would last the longest on the shelf and how to hide it in the house and all that other stuff like that would be me. So I think we would partner really well in that situation, and then I've seen enough of The Walking Dead and other shows to know how to go for the head first, so I think I'd be handy that way, but yeah, as far as building shelters and things like that that's him as far as making sure we stay alive, like nutrition and all that other stuff, that would be me, and finding bad deeds and isopropyl alcohol and stuff like that, that would be me.


0:11:32.3 S1: You gotta scratch bar, let me clean that out for you.


0:11:36.8 S2: You... I think that a Mr. Flint and I would do really well up until... Supply started dwindling. We don't forage. We don't build... We don't farm. We don't do anything. I got poison ivy over 50% of my body from gardening, my Brunton, that's just this summer, so I'm not allowed to touch nature. So yeah, as long as we stayed in the city and the grocery stores hadn't been all picked over, then we're probably pretty good, or if we find like you guys, your hard workers, we just wouldn't bring a lot to the actual survival skills part of things, although I did go to my youngest boy scout meetings for a while, and telling you, drop boy scout, so I might be able to start a fire with prem worthless in the Somali and I can't run a... Physically, I can.


0:12:45.9 S1: But I... First thing I don't like is I faster


0:12:50.2 S2: Plan did the Marine Corps Marathon one time. Right, so he can run. He can physically do it. And so I made him take me out one time, I made it around the block before I was crying, I'm just extremely wimpy and don't enjoy being made to feel uncomfortable, that's me. So it's not for me. So come with me, I'll be your father.


0:13:13.4 S1: I'm not a runner by nature, I don't love physical discomfort in a work of way, but I am super self-competitive, and so when I went it like strikes and takes fire, I really will go until my body physically cannot do anything anymore. I think that actually my greatest weakness would be... I don't know that I could... Like in the moment when supplies started to run out and people... There's always... Okay, I'm making some assumptions here based on the past in America, but I feel like one thing about American culture is that we are very individualistic and very family-centric, and those are like the units that America prizes above all else, and so there comes a certain time in disaster preparedness, where people shut down and are not communal, most people are not communal anymore, are only out for me and my family and everyone else can go fuck themselves and die in the streets. And I don't feel that way in the moment when it was time to not let anyone into your house or share any of your stuff, I would let someone in my house to share my stuff and be like, hey...


0:14:31.9 S1: Of course, you can share, but just like, Please be respectful, and then they would ask my head off.


0:14:38.0 S2: Okay, now this is where we could be helpful. Because the fat Mister plan is already that jerk, so I love him, but he would not have a problem being your bouncer, there we go, we can... About skill for us.


0:14:52.7 S1: We have to enter would be right there, you're like, No, you can't come in on a notary, 'cause I wanna be part of a community, I would like... That was it to... Even during the pandemic, we had a chat for our neighbors all set up so that if one person was going shopping, it was like in getting stuff, what do you need? Kind of things that would be me. And he would be like, Yeah, do we really need these people here? What are they contributing to? Totally. Gosh, I would wanna knock on my elderly neighbors door and be like, Okay, I'm going out to scout for things like, what do you need, and then as my back is turned and I'm trying to help them out, I would get eaten or something to eat.


0:15:29.8 S2: He's the same way she's Simi similarly, genera, overly generous. And I think that that would be our couple data would be your downfall, or... You mean a couple everybody rooted for... And then I was so upset when they died, but at the same time, it's like I knew they would laugh there too is for this world... They're too nice. Two questions for this one topic, I'll take that


0:15:56.5 S1: It's not a bad way to go out or given that we can decide what version... What genre? Zombie apocalypse media were in, and if I could get to my sister's house, we could make a little compound with her whole neighborhood and we could be a little collective that maybe we actually could bring the zombies back to their humanity or war.


0:16:21.1 S2: But... Oh my God. No, no, no, you're never living... You're dying so quickly. So quickly, I love you with your data, we also would


0:16:38.2 S1: Be... Okay, I'm just gonna just say that... Alright.


0:16:42.3 S2: So Ron is dead from the bipolar, I am slowly diagnosed, curation, CEO is just living her best life, so this is what we have to tell you about the someone, but we do have another chat topic or what you got for us... What do I have for us?


0:17:06.7 S1: This is very exciting. I like that. We just came up with this one minute ago, and I've already forgotten it and had to look at the list. Okay, so now are going to get to talk about favorites, romantic pairings in Harlow need type movies, and because I'm already talking, I'm gonna go ahead and just keep talking, because one of my favorite all-time couples is... I don't know if you have... Captain's definitely a Halloween movie, I wouldn't call it a harm or be, but it is the crown. It takes place in Detroit on Devil's Night, which is the night before Halloween, and one of my favorite couples of all time is Eric and Shelly from the crow... I mean like, yes, Shelley's dead for the entirety of the movie, but she is the entire impetus for him coming back to life and exacting his horrific revenge on all who killed her or facilitated her death. It is so 90s got romantic. I saw it in the theaters and I remember wooing for real. In their flashback tender moments, they're so sweet, they live in a pretty run-down upper floor apartment in Detroit, and they clearly don't have very much money, Shelly is really involved in the neighbors union, like the tenants Union, to push back against the encroachment of unethical landlords and Eric is a musician, and so they have candles burning in their apartment all the time, 'cause can't afford their electric got shut off and they have an addict, so when he proposes, he leads her up to the attic and gets her...


0:18:53.2 S1: This went engagement ring, they're so sweet to each other, they're just like... They basically adopt this little child who lives on the street, 'cause her mom is a drug addict and she's like their little friend daughter, and they have a little cat anyway, save. That's awesome. Well, Avery's meteors, my favorite.


0:19:18.4 S2: I have speak my zombie... What do you call... What did I call it? Bouncer, my zombie bounds or just came home to the... Dogs were going nuts.


0:19:31.1 S1: My favorite, I guess it's not hard, but... They're definitely fit the mold. Gomez, mortis Adams. They are a couple of goals for me, governments, particularly the incarnation of RA-Julia and anjelica Huston, Ron Julia will forever be get me. He was everything that was loving and SWAT and debonair and just super romantic, but also cunning and scary, and he was the perfect perfect of this and they are... I just love them and I can't wait. I think there's another animated version coming out, which is rated PG, which gives me policing out soon or might be hoping time this airs. Yeah, they are my couple onstage mental just... I love them also to me and I were just watching the Monsters, like re-watching old monsters episodes, and then we got... We started re-watching the original Adams family, which I definitely actually don't like as much as the mortician as the rally, Angelo Houston in... 'cause they're still 50s. It's very, a


0:20:44.6 S2: Very big... But you know what though, that was like... That was like summer, eating your corn flakes in front of the TV. That price is right. So for the shows. Right, right. Okay, mine is technically not a horror, but it was still on a list of horror couple, so I will fight for it, and that is Hellboy and lysosome that first, how Boogie, which is me from Perlman, run for a grader directed it, and it's just a fabulous movie I love it, it's one of my favorites, but I love that dynamic of romance writer, but I am still a total sucker for a couple that really can't be together, even though they love each other and they can't be together, even notations one too, you atrophi. And he totally respect her, and he's constantly doing the gravel thing, which is not normally my thing, but I just love... I don't know, I just love, I love them. So I was scamming through the list and I went, Those are my people. That's pretty much it. That's what... That's where I go.


0:22:05.3 S1: That's a good one. Absolutely, is that... Oh my god, there's really so many now that I've... Now, we've asked the question in the ball's rolling, I'm thinking of all these amazing... Well, I know you brought up The Conjuring before, you know what we talk about at a... Absolutely.


0:22:20.4 S2: Yes, I mean, not in real life, in real life, I think they actually sucked, but especially the most... We're just talking fictional company in the fictionalized in the movies, and especially the most recent recent contrary, their romance is so lovely and just like... I love a couple that's been together for a long time. I think that's also the appeal of Gomez and Martin love out of their 30s, been together for a while, just like life, lifelong couple. So sweet, love it. Okay, well, let me take you guys down the rank or lists that I found... Well, I would scan in real quick mortise and Go Math Adams or number one on this essar, number two is Barbara and Adam Maitland for beetle juice with... I'll give that a three. Originate its Eveline. Abbot from a quiet place. A movie I still have not seen.


0:23:22.3 S1: I have a... Entirely know, please. You have to wait to... I haven't seen the second one, but the first one I was really shocking that that was a real... Okay.


0:23:31.7 S2: Let's see, Burton, Heather gummer from tremors, which I've never seen. And they're in, I would say what the... Kim and Edward from Edwards is our hands, and I will argue to my dad now because they sucked as a couple 'cause she was horrible. Yeah, alright. Stephen Diane reeling from poultry a movie to this day, I quote so, you toothpaste Filmation Know what? I watched that not that long ago again, and it actually holds up pretty well... Yes, it actually holds up pretty well, the only bad part is when he looks in the mirror and the face melts and all that stuff, but otherwise it holds up really what... Abaca and Katrina Van Tassel from Sleepy Hollow. The A, I considered that one, but I feel like what I really wanted was about an Abby from the US as a swastika A...


0:24:28.2 S1: Right. That's the better couple.


0:24:30.4 S2: Now, you can have that one. Make your van Dort and Emily from Corpse Bride. And then rounding out their top 10 is a weatherman, wait, they put course bride Above Jack and Sally from a member for Christmas. I don't even see... Hold on, let me scan through the rest of it and see if they have it... All right, hold on. Number 12 is a lineman and Dana Barrett goes faster, see more and laundering in Little House for... Let's see, I am looking... I don't even see the or.


0:25:05.7 S1: The whole list is nullified


0:25:07.2 S2: Watson, it was... And shown him to dead, which is one of my favorite movies. That's a good money. And then the cornet and Brad Roche, which is not... Or movie. But that's how we do. One, definitely


0:25:25.0 S1: How you have a list... It doesn't have jack and Sally on it. I'm gonna put the Corps right on there. How do you not have Jackson? Yeah, that's it.


0:25:32.6 S2: I don't know, I'm going through there their little list and I am seeing a whole bunch of nothing in like no mentor.


0:25:41.1 S1: Jack and Sally are an on-screen right now. They're like ultimate Christmas ornaments. Their Christmas ones. That's cute


0:25:51.2 S2: And I... Rightwa, have made our couple decisions and gone with those, please let us know what you guys think could do some of your favorites are Tito really Ontario.


0:26:08.5 S1: Well, now we're getting to the best candy, which is the real battle... Right. For Halloween, if you've ever been tricky-treating or ever handed out candy on Halloween, are very specific about what they don't want you... Well, and I see, so I know you did it because you weren't allowed to trick or treat, but I definitely used to have sleep overs after thicker after Halloween or whatever the closest weekend was, and friends and I, we would pour out all our candy into piles and then we would do trades until we had done the whole bag of candy. Yeah, this is really taking me back... Yeah, I used to take my little sister thicker training a couple of times, and yeah, we bring her candy back to go through it, 'cause it was like that time where his paranoia razor blades and everything.


0:26:53.5 S2: We supposedly they're handing out pop brownies this year.


0:26:57.0 S1: Yes, my able and edible it coming. My one would weather a cost. What would I... Topple are done, people are. So


0:27:13.2 S2: A favorite candy. I'll start us off because I have a sincere and deeply held love of candy corn into... And if you all don't like it, on you, I'm like you


0:27:28.0 S1: With my IndyCar, leave it on the shelf and let me buy it, but very specific candy corn though, 'cause there's some that are inferior to others, that's


0:27:37.0 S2: True, when they start messing with the flavors and trying to make them and make them fancy. No, I want to telesistema bad. I love or


0:27:49.1 S1: I can taste the coloring in them and a disease... That's true. But the texture of them, they give the molar, give it to me feel... Yes, it really... Yeah, but I always look for the ones that are made with honey because they're just partly because of the mouth feel, but also because the flavor is just so much deeper in viewer talking about candy corn, like It's caviar, but it is


0:28:15.1 S2: A heanor those... 'cause I'm just used to like when you get either the bulk ones that they saw in the grocery store are usually really good, and then


0:28:22.6 S1: Rockstar, the ones that become with money. Oh really? Okay, if you find a back-up, Brock, look for the little circle that says Made with honey.


0:28:31.5 S2: Alright, alright, I'm gonna have to do that even though I should. I'm gonna do it anyway, does. Alright, so what else? Have you guys got a you to... I'm trying to think. Okay, so I am, I am not a chocolate person, so I like a delayed at Halloween 'cause everyone wanted the chocolate and I was happy to give it away, and I wanted twisters dogs. Those kinds of... My God, Entente dot. I love to love them.


0:29:06.5 S1: Anything like dummies, sour kids, those kinds of things. So it was awesome because everyone else didn't want those, so they eat sometimes would give them to me without even a trade-wows like her to let them out, like the liquor is the black Lakers, nobody like... I atherstone


0:29:25.7 S2: The black licorice that the altar liri is superior over strapped, we beyond that.


0:29:31.5 S1: I have to agree with you on that. Yeah, I think, yeah. What's the normal red liri? I think it's strawberry. I like both, I guess. They're both good, but cherry when you can find it, 'cause it's not easy. It's really good. It's a


0:29:48.3 S2: Sale, make sure that my dad really loves chocolate and peanut butter, and so I would get a couple... Like resist it, better cop specifically for him.


0:29:57.8 S1: Yeah, when I hand out candy, I always make sure to get a mix that has baby Bruton it... Ababa Roth is that the ban? It's like peanuts in chocolate and caramel or whatever, but I don't know, there's something about 'cause there's not the elite think so there's new gettin chocolate and caramel and peanuts, and it's just like a really good blend of stuff, and it's not like the only candy bar that has that mixture, but for some reason it's like the right...


0:30:28.6 S2: The banners is really good at, is really good. I will give you some up on that... Yeah, Ryan, go in and we can share king size baby room time. Are you gonna do... When it gets you to Kabir and one.


0:30:42.8 S1: Are you guys curious what the top 10 is according to pure... Well, because they work the hallway, now they did that is to think of 50, but I'm just gonna be reported by what was popular or they have editorially decided, This is a good question. Let's go back to the top. So what's the research methodology here? Yes, they've carefully ranked all of the best Halloween candy, so I'm guessing this is an internal survey, just decided they just a right or wrong shells to give you the titles, the list of 45 and they're 45th like their worst one on the list is the hard candy the strawberry hard candy that were in everyone's grandmother's purse. I love those, but this is with the liquid middle... With the liquid Millar awful, that's Number 45. And this says, Congratulations, you trick or treated at the actual devil's house and made it out of life. It's the case there. So I'm gonna scroll all the way down. Number 10, which I already know is ticket kits are young man ICTS are yummy, and I just bought... Because now what I used to go to the UK a lot, I would always get it cats there because they have mint and they had coffee, and then all these different flavors, like in Japan, they have green tea and stuff like that to get a very space Avery's making places like, Oh, but they're so good.


0:31:59.6 S1: Especially the mint, and now we have them here. So when I was at the store last week, I got a coffee and I got into to try them and compare them to what I've had in the UK to see... 'cause you know, sometimes we...


0:32:09.5 S2: The chaplain be different


0:32:11.1 S1: As a chocolate one, they have a dark... A.


0:32:13.7 S2: I was gonna say, I like to talk about in the UK, their base level is way better than... Or our base level of chocolate is like plastic.


0:32:23.5 S1: But sidearm, a huge fan of HP sauce, which is like their version. We have A1, they have HP probst on it.


0:32:31.3 S2: I did not know that.


0:32:32.6 S1: Yeah, I bought a bottle from the store the other day and look at the ingredients that has glucose for post service, which is what they call a high propose corner, which was so heart-breaking to me because it was never in there before, and I was like, Oh, they were really good about not putting that stuff in their stuff, so I was really... So now I'm thinking if I get a British candy, it's gonna have stuff in it that wasn't every or... Anyway, back to the list. Yeah, it is the head time, so ikat is number 10. And then we have Reese's fast break is not... I've never had that.


0:33:08.3 S2: I've seen them, I have never had a milk chocolate peanut butter, and now it


0:33:14.1 S1: Is... What is that? A. Were the regular ones too slow to break... What is the issue here? Yeah, this is supposed to be according to the ADA, a late afternoon pick me up to energy barring, but as a candy bar at... Yeah, and they said, Find what is in your Holman candy bag is finding an all marshmallow box of Lucky Charms, which... Right, that would be awesome. That would be the sugar content of that, and then they have the Hershey's Cookies and Cream is number eight.


0:33:46.7 S2: That's... Yeah, meet their white chocolate with little crunches on them.


0:33:52.7 S1: So a... I'm a white chocolate denier. I do know. I don't eat white. Chocolate is a real thing. It's a real big... But it's not chocolate, it's just a tattoo.


0:34:02.8 S2: It's just like fat and sugar, right?


0:34:05.7 S1: To haters stay back is their caption on this one, number seven is the pink Starburst Ramey flavour is the pink is...


0:34:17.9 S2: They don't know what flavor it is, but it's delicious


0:34:21.4 S1: Teacher a chair, Leonardo, you do the thing where you switched to different flavors together and get strawberry lemonade or whatever.


0:34:33.3 S2: I do to... It's dark in the movie theater, so I can't tell what flavor I'm reaching for until it is a thing


0:34:39.4 S1: I do that with Skittles, I mix the flavors together and create a player and so... Number six is Brock candy corn. As a classic, one is the most... Is it the most polarizing of Halloween candy perhaps? Do we love it more than the holiday itself forever and ever, so... Even good. God, yeah, it's actually amazing that all three of us love candy corn 'cause it is so polarizing and all four people hate it, then love it. Every year there's an argument on Facebook and Twitter about candy corn, every single metalled, but one... Yes, it is. Number five is butter finger. As a child, butter finger had a small enough amount of chocolate in it that I liked it, I know with him... Yeah, yeah.


0:35:21.6 S2: I like whatever that cookie part was the...


0:35:27.4 S1: It's like a coffee toffee with peanut or a get second your key, that's what they say, that they say to you, that says, If you didn't get one of these hopefully stuck in your molars, did Halloween really even happen, that's what the captive... But yeah, I'm surprised to see it this low actually, 'cause that seems to be like When I give out candy, that's the first thing that goes is the better... Fright was always really hard to trade for... Everyone wanted it. Yeah, That airbase, those are the two that like everyone. Number four is Sour Patch Kids. Yes, I love them, but I'm surprised as you get this high is surprised to...


0:36:02.3 S2: They are the candy pick a choice for my kids are all three of them, like Sour Patch type of stuff, and I'm like, Bro.


0:36:12.1 S1: I love it, Mr. X doesn't... So when I buy skittles, I get the sour once and he gets everything else, I can get it, but they said We would be cut our lives and the agree dust that settles at the bottom of the bag, let's just say the answer isn't... No.


0:36:26.6 S2: That's pretty good.


0:36:28.3 S1: Number three is again, a weird ass bar, resist Take Five, which is... Okay, so it's pretzel caramel. Pain about or peanuts. And coded and chocolate.


0:36:41.4 S2: I don't want that in my house. Yeah, that's so good point.


0:36:49.4 S1: I love the idea of caramel and pretzels me too. Like a dipping sauce, caramel Deacon for soft pretzel assaulted, soft rentals. Loathing, somebody just did a pretzel caramel, are one of the big brands just released a prince version, and you know that as number two is twice a teaser... Yeah, they do a thesis is the area close... Yeah, they specified pink stormers. This one is the classic one, is the Tom Hanks of candies is what they said.


0:37:26.0 S2: You're not that excited to anyone, but we all pretend we really like it.


0:37:30.2 S1: Universally satisfactio.


0:37:34.8 S2: Hanscom, and He gives them to him and he sees artist, let us know he's human, he had that horrible child of his to it evened it out to


0:37:50.0 S1: You one, how that happened how did that child come out of it as a horrible child... Oh yeah. It's a horrible case. Google that Hanks. Just Google, just for giggles, I go down the rabbit hole. And you'll be like, What? How did this happen to a... But if you name someone checked.


0:38:10.1 S2: You're gonna crash a bolder vote into children, you're gonna be a Merch... Sorry, I'm very obsessed with that. Right. Okay, anyway, so what's number one?


0:38:20.7 S1: Number one is receive peanut cups, salty suite and color coordinated to the holiday. That's true


0:38:27.9 S2: As well. We did get... Those are the miser plan's favorites. And so we did get like they have a variety pack, we got it at Target the other week, and it's got the white chocolate ones, which I know you guys at all... They've got one called Frankenstein. So the bottom is green, it looks exactly like Ruth bottom part of the cuff is green, tasted exactly the same, and then a regular one, and then they had recent pieces inside... Yeah, and that was good to...


0:39:05.1 S1: Earths aren't on here. Responses really good. And that would be a perfect... 'cause there's no creates more peanut butter than just...


0:39:14.5 S2: Yeah, it's just peanut butter in the canon, the candidate... Now, the only way I really like chocolate is if there's just a tiny tiny amount of it, so I like sometimes like like a caramel coated in chocolate and the chocolate melts away after a second and you're left with the caramel, that kind


0:39:32.2 S1: Of stuff.


0:39:33.4 S2: Do you like a hard care amount? A soft care me. I like both. I've never met a caramel I didn't like, but my all-time favorite, it is like a muse, almost Carmel Safi salted caramel.


0:39:47.9 S1: Nice. If you guys are curious, man, Ms. Landed at Number 13, mins are straight up trash and I will die on the scale, skittles are 16 other starters, all the other colors at number 19...


0:40:05.1 S2: I can't argue with that. We have Sugar Babies on here, the cheater, baby through the worst... What do they have? What was last to free? I actually like spree as a kid.


0:40:18.1 S1: Yeah, I...


0:40:18.7 S2: Those the candy, you get it the bank. Are those the ones that look like men.


0:40:23.7 S1: They look like little saucers, like little free... Yeah.


0:40:26.6 S2: There too. And they're hard. Orontes


0:40:31.2 S1: Are the chewy ones that they have on the list here, I guess. They're hard after they've been on the shelf for one month though, which means that there... Right there, they either to the notes.


0:40:44.8 S2: Their chewy adjacent.


0:40:46.3 S1: Right, they also have role here, mounds, smarts a, Here's chocolate, the regular little chocolate bars are 27.


0:40:58.2 S2: Those are always the very last thing to go in, IEEE thing else is eating before those...


0:41:04.6 S1: Oh wait, Number 29 is Karmapa pops. Have you ever had those? Nobody love you. So if I remember correctly, it's like a green Molly pop, like an Apple wallop with a caramel center. Oh, I would love that. Yeah.


0:41:19.1 S2: I like all Italy's. I am majorly oriented.


0:41:22.3 S1: Anything that lasts a long time. Right, a Snickers is number 30. Sweet Tarts. Number 31, bottle caps. They still make those. Blow Pops, Mr. Good hoppers, Nestle cry baby room. My favorite is number 37. Okay.


0:41:41.6 S2: That just means in the Halloween candy trade, you would be making out.


0:41:46.1 S1: I get the candor, I get the baby roots and I've... You said, Where are the dogs? The tartan, they are... They are number 43 out of 45. Okay, that's it. And then I totems number 44, which shouldn't be on this list at all, in not a candy, but especially this one because it loses its flavor after five seconds of it at your job. Yeah, it's super, super far. It's like chewing a jab breaker and then it lists flavor, I feel like five seconds, so... Yeah, yeah, the top 10. I'll give them the top 10, there's some good stuff in there, but the rest of this is if...


0:42:22.5 S2: What was the very last place? I forget very last place.


0:42:25.7 S1: Oh, how to Molly's number 41. Number 45 was the strawberry hard candies that... Oh yeah.


0:42:32.1 S2: Oh, that's right. Yeah, yeah.


0:42:34.5 S1: I like those. I also like the butter scotch candies that you also get trigger treating in your grandmother to the Warders or the yellow... Yellow, number five. I like both.


0:42:45.2 S2: They're both were for an update on the classroom.


0:42:48.7 S1: I like Rincon it. Do to a owning on a porch, eating, eating with cats.


0:43:00.5 S2: Wanting to be left alone and eating tuckerton or... As fulfilling your destiny. That's all I know I want. I'm desperate for candy. Now, thank you, I miss lines so hungry with the hell and an it is crops your pick-up day, so that means I asked to drive to go get my crop share, and I miss dinner with the family, so that means I get to drive through... And this means I'm gonna be really bad on the drive for... I hope in people are happy.


0:43:31.8 S1: You might have to swing by somewhere and pick up some Honey candy corn on your way that


0:43:36.5 S2: I don't have to go look for sure. For sure. Well, okay, so as we come to the end of our Halloween episode, can I hear what everyone is doing this Halloween or what your plans are?


0:43:46.8 S1: I'm getting my... This is Bob, if anybody's ever read The Dresden Files to a friend of my made this Bob, the skull for me, so


0:43:55.8 S2: Housewife never read them, but I really like the TV show, a winter and binge that.


0:44:04.5 S1: Yeah, the TV show was only on for one series, it was really, really different from the book, so if you wait, hated the show, but I like to show for what it was, they changed it, a bartending something. He wasn't a skull. He was like something else. But yeah, I was... Anyway.


0:44:26.8 S2: But as for what we're doing, we moved during covid, and so we don't know what our neighborhood level of kids will be, but we lived in a more rural part of the area now, and our house is on a dead end, and it's right next to a highway, so people are gonna be coming from other blocks to us, and I think there's only maybe three little kids on our street, so... I don't think so, however we do of these incredibly tacky lions that sit on these big brick pillars at the end of our driveway, I tell everyone the first time they come, I'm like, we did not put these up, these were here, I am going to cover them in sheets and make some cost. Nice. Yes, those are my hot plans for this weekend, making goes


0:45:21.0 S1: As. I decorated the first Sunday in October, which is early for me, 'cause I usually do it like two weeks before, but I was like, I'm so excited, it Halloween myself up when we first bought our house and we moved here, we were the only people on the block they gave out candy, so no one stopped by our house here, and now we've got about 11 houses on our block to give out candy, so now we're becoming a destination, so what we're doing is we're setting up like a social distance table... I live in the center of town, so we're setting up a table outside it between some of the houses for the adults to enjoy our adult beverages, and then we all put our candy on the table so the kids can come to a candy station or lock it


0:46:03.1 S2: So cute at hallow and


0:46:04.2 S1: I love it. Yeah, it's a... It's really over between two areas that really go all out for Halloween, like the... It really got... Some people would just pass through and not thinking anyone here was giving out candy, and now we're like, No, you gotta come here too guys, I can you do... So hopefully, we'll see some cute little ones this year.


0:46:22.3 S2: Just make the transition to full size candy bar... And you'll never get rid of that one. Be the dream house, right? That's...


0:46:31.3 S1: How about you on?


0:46:33.1 S2: Well, so this year, I will not be in town for Halloween time, and I are actually going to Cape Cod from the 23rd to November second or third or something for 10 or 12 days, which I'm so excited about. We have a friend up there whose parents have a house, but they're not using it, so we're basically gonna go stay with a friend and do haunted oceanic things. So there are tons of old cemeteries up that way, and he abandoned lighthouses times working on a project, like a new album that she's basing some of the stuff on haunted regional folklore, and so we're gonna go try to look up... I'll go to to go to all the places that these famous haunted thoughts and record sounds that she can use on the album that are ambient...


0:47:29.6 S1: No, that's awesome content out.


0:47:31.2 S2: Don't die on a... Your rearm already here. I'm like, No, if your gut says, We're on away rodeo, I will. So


0:47:40.9 S1: I think it's gonna be great. I do love winter beaches and the kind of... Oh my gosh, I think it's gonna be great. I want to do a lot of reading and I will be plotting my next book while I'm up there... You're not to love it. We were just there, and we were there the week before, we were there the last week of September, going into October, and I was shocked by the number of people who had already decorated for Halloween, and then I realized where we were... Right, so we were in the cloth area, it's like between Plymouth and Salem and the cape, there's so many cemeteries. We went to the ever glorious, which you have to visit when you're there... Well, it is, it's the best. We tried to go to sail in which house where one of the judges actually lived, but it was sold out the day that we tried to go, but the... Just the house itself, just, it's so imposing and it's playing just a plain grey house, but it's so imposing, but if you get a chance to go to Salem does so much stuff up there, but yeah, just every corner had an old-timer, Taron it...


0:48:43.5 S1: I was like, rowed love this. It was so cool. It was really cool.


0:48:46.9 S2: You're like, I know, I know.


0:48:49.7 S1: I would love to be up there on Halloween. I can't even imagine what it must be like. So yeah, I'm excited for you. So thank you for hanging out with us for our first Halloween episode, hopefully, we'll make this an annual thing, and feel free to write in and let us know or tag us on social media, let us know what your Halloween plans are, what your favorite Halloween things are especially the romantic couples, so I'm really curious always to find out what people find romantic... You never know where you're gonna find them. I expect people say, Buffer your true blood, or whatever it is, but you never know what people... AENEAS, send us your suggestions and write us your letters and we'll be happy to answer them and give you more questionable advice, so we will see you next time.


0:49:34.3 S2: Yo. So


0:49:45.5 S1: Thank you so much for subscribing to Dear romance writer. Remember to keep sending in those letters, I Dorrance dot com, we can't wait to tell you what to do. Dear romance writer is part of the frolic Podcast Network. Find more podcasts you love aimed, podcast, Media, podcast.

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